Greg McHugh Joins Ghostbusters New Jersey

Greg McHugh wasn't arrested yet.

Greg McHugh hasn’t been arrested yet.

Press Release:

Greg McHugh, a former Field Agent of Camden County is the first new Ghostbusters New Jersey hire as we reorganize and expand operations. Greg has been working with the guys since he heard about a call where GBNJ didn’t mind a little extra help.

Greg’s “go get her Ray” attitude and skills in the field make him an asset to Ghostbusters New Jersey.

Richard Roy, Ghostbusters New Jersey Webmaster has added Greg’s personnel file to the site.

Ghostbusters New Jersey


North Jersey Ghostbusters Attending NYCC



Jody Summer from North Jersey Ghostbusters checked in to inform us that NJGB members will in attendance at New York Comic Con on October 12, 2013. Whether you’re in a franchise or not or are going to NYCC or aren’t they’ll be meeting at the main branch of the New York Public Library (eh, you may have heard of it) at 1:40 PM for a photo shoot.

If you are going to NYCC, you probably already know Ernie Hudson, (Winston Z) will be an Entertainment Guest throughout the weekend.

Peter Mosen, “The Original Ghosthead” may also be in attendance.

And of course their’s a good chance other area franchises (and perhaps beyond) will be there suited up. It is New York, never know.

Richard Roy, GBNJ Webmaster

Photo Credit: NYCC