October Ghostbusters Screenings


The North Jersey Ghostbusters informed us that Bow-Tie Cinemas is showing Ghostbusters at there South Orange 5 theater on October 25 and 26 at 11:30 PM. The price of admission is $5.50. You can save a $1 if you have either a Clearview Advantage or Criterion Card.

South Orange 5 is located at 1 Sopac Way, South Orange, NJ.

Sounds like a franchise gathering is being planned.

Richard Roy

Photo Source: Brandon Schaefer


North Jersey Ghostbusters NYCC 2013 Pictures

1:40 PM Disturbance at the main branch of the NY Public Library.

1:40 PM Disturbance at the main branch of the NY Public Library.

Last weekend while Bill and I were working on equipment and uniforms, our colleagues to the north (and other international franchises) converged at New York Comic Con. Before the BIG meet and greet, they met up for photo ops at the main branch of the New York Public Library.

Jody shared no less then 73 photos through the North Jersey Ghostbusters Facebook page. Additional photos can be found through individual members pages.

Peter Mosen, the original ghosthead was a part of NYCC for photo ops and meet and greets in the afternoon of October 12. Check out his Facebook post for information and pictures too.

Richard Roy

GBNJ Site Updates


Last week after a Ghostbusters NJ meeting paperwork and photos were completed for new and revised updates. The next day was Columbus Day and why do any work unless we’re being paid. Plus there was that whole government shut down thing. Which doesn’t affect us much unless we’re saving some form of government and would have to wait for back pay.

During the week I was updating major areas of the site. “What did you do Rich?”

  1. Revised About page.
  2. Revised Personnel pages.
  3. Added pictures for our Services.
  4. Two new Technology pages.
  1. New Equipment pictures
  2. New Video and Leeds Curse graphics.
  3. The above modified hand truck graphic.

Richard Roy

Photo Source: PSD Graphics