Personnel News: Ghostbusters NJ Hires Janine Melnitz



Yes, you read that right. We hired Janine Melnitz. Not the Janine. You think we could afford her salary? Ghostbusters New Jersey has brought aboard Brianna, Janine Melnitz’s intern. Brianna studies GHOSTBUSTERS #1 employee as she endeavors to become Ghostbusters New Jersey’s official secretary.

Which let’s face it, for us was an easy decision as we don’t really want to answer the phones or see if clients paid us with VISA. Besides we’re usually busy with keeping The Garden State safe from ghosts and what about those trips to Wawa?

We’ve added Brianna aka Janine Melnitz bio to our Personnel section.


30th Anniversary Ghostbusters Screenings Photos

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 Written By: Richard Roy, Web Developer (Not Photo Developer)

Remember the multiple 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters Screenings we went to back in August and early September? We don’t either. 😀 Continue reading

Merry Christmas From Ghostbusters NJ!

Written By Richard Roy, Sites Coordinator

GBNJ personnel, Greg McHugh and Andrew Gant, those guys in District 3 filmed our franchise’s latest commercial, airing on cable…access TV. Where they’re not only bringing the holiday cheer, but selling our services to make us more dough. Isn’t that what Christmas business is all about? 😀

Once we worked out the kinks in the wifi cloud, I was able to upload this short Christmas video to our YouTube channel.