August 22, 2004


Now we have semi conclusive proof that our Friday the 13th case and the OGB case are directly connected to BACCARDIO.

Rich and I were discussing the events and here is the dialogue as best as I could remember it:

Bill: “Rich is it possible that FAMINE is gone, like we nutronized it or something?”

Rich: “All the data points to BACCARDIO. The real question is, ‘Did the Onarga Boys actually trap a Horseman of the Appocolypse?'”

Bill: “It seems to fit, but some things just don’t seem right. The suit of armor is not right for the period. we should be talking chain mail not gleaming plate mail, but the sword does seem to indeed be a crusader sword.”

Rich: “Then we’re talking, what? The Horseman of War?”

Bill: “Yeah, the picture doesn’t fit the any of the others.”

Rich: “Horseman of War…hmmm…why does that sound familiar.”

Bill: “Cause you’ve read the Bible?”

Rich: “No, that not it. Wait GBNJ Case 001.”


Bill: “Huh? That was our first case at Sickman’s Mill, we busted a ghost of a disgruntled mill worker.”

Rich: “Afterwards, the pictures your cousin took that showed the presence behind the stair well. Dave said it looked like the HORSEMAN of WAR”

Bill: “Oh my God! It was their all along. So if the horseman of War and Famine are unleashed then…”

Rich: “What Kevin fought was just a minion of BACCARDIO”

Bill: “This is not good! I think we should run this pic of the mill through the Spectral-Analyzer.”

Bill and Rich head over to the Spectral-Analyzer and feed the picture into it. The machine begins making buzzing and clicking sounds.

Bill: “Those 2005 Mustangs are hot. 300hp for $25,000.”

Rich: “Your not gonna put GB decals on it, are you?”

Bill: “It could be the GB Interceptor.”

The sounds stop and the machine spits out a new picture.

Bill: “What the Hell!?!”


This month’s GQ?

Rich: “Tell me you staged a photo of BACCARDIO and a couple of HORSEMEN?”

 Bill: “I wish I could. Rich we’ve got problems!”

>> August 26, 2004



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