Baccardio Battle Part 1

“Ok genius you got us into this, how do you intend on getting us out?” Dr. William Ketchum sternly asked Dr. Andy Harness.

“How am I supposed to know?” Came Andy’s terse response.

Meanwhile as Andy and Will continue to bicker back and forth, Kevin Kemarly fumbled around his belt until he found a familiar object. The switched on the PKE and began taking valences.

Kevin called out to get the attention of Will and Andy. “Guys we know there was a corridor of some sort in front of us. What if we follow it?”

“Kevin, need I remind you there were footsteps echoing from the other end of the passage way.” replied Will.

“Ghost don’t make footsteps. Besides it beats waiting for something to attack us here.” Kevin shot back.

Andy trying to lighten the mood came back with, “It’s a real scientific plan, I love it!”

“Alright. Follow me. keep your left hand on the wall and your right on my shoulder.” called Will to the others. Andy and Kevin did as instructed and began walking down the corridor.

The hallway seemed to be at least 100 feet long in Will’s initial impression before all light was cut out. So he began counting his paces roughly approximating the length of the tunnel. but then it stopped and turned to the left not more then 15 paces into the passage. Will followed it around the corner when the passage shot back to the right, left, then right, and left again. Then it hit him. Quite literally in the face. the edge of a wall. Will extended both hands in front of him. Nothing. That confirms it. They were in a maze. Will thought to ask the other guys on what to do, but settled on making the decision on pressing forward to the left. They’ll get out of this somehow.

Bill, Rich, and Kyle are standing face to face with the small wooden door separating them from their destiny in the mill. Bill takes a deep breath and swings open the door, and promptly screams like a girl. He wasn’t expecting Pangelina and Mike to barge through at the same time. Bill stumbled back and caught his breath.

“Bill! You have your keys? Right?” was Pangelina’s greeting.

“I accidentally lost them here once! You people act like it happens all the time!” Bill yelled to anybody who cared to listen.

“Sorry. We have good and bad news. The good news is we found a piece of what we believe is the source of Baccardio’s power. It’s his sarcophagus.”

“Really?” replied Rich, now seeing the triumphant headlines in tomorrow’s papers. “That’s great. let’s go stop it.”

“We don’t know how.” came Mike DiQuinzio. “If we can analyze this in the mobile lab with Dr. Spengler we might have a shot.”

The now group of five trotted back to the command center.

“Mike, need a hand from a fellow chemist and Pharmacist?” asked Kyle Peterson.

“Sure, But do ya mind if I change first.” referencing the miniskirt and tube top he is still wearing.

“Wait you never told us the bad news.” Bill questioned.

Pangelina and Mike look at each other. then Pangelina speaks, “It’s Rob, he’s been kidnapped.”

Bill turns to start heading toward the Mill.

“Bill where are you going?” called Rich.

“My friends in there! I’m going to get him.” replied Bill motioning to the Mill.

As they head off into the Mill. A fleet of news vans arrives on the scene. Dr. Venkman hopes out of the lead van’s passenger’s seat and runs over to the Bill, Rich, Pangelina, and the others.

“Hey guys how about a group shot?”

Group "shot" interrupted.

Group “shot” interrupted.

They line up and smile for the camera. When suddenly from the Mill a black cat jumps out of the second story window, and spooks Rich who fires toward the, unseen to him, disturbance.

This was Baccardio’s chance. He used the distraction to sneak up behind them. His chrome axe swung high above his head ready to deliver a blow that will make a few former Ghostbusters.

The camera man called attention to Baccardio. Bill and Rich spun around and out of the path of the axe as it crashed into the ground. Baccardio quickly recovered and took off toward the Mill with Bill and Rich in hot pursuit. They cornered him right in front of the mill.

Baccardio! Also known as B-Man.

Baccardio! Also known as B-Man.

“You mortals have been a thorn in my side for months now.” Baccardio began. “This is the way of things. Now my kind can rule the earth. Mortals, are your souls prepared for what awaits? With each passing moment I grow stronger.”

“How you’re not complete. You do not have all of your horsemen?” challenged Rich.

“You think you know everything. But you mortals must always speak of which you know nothing. Why do you think this crowd is here? for the show? Hah. I think not. I’ve orchestrated this entire event. Death is feasting on their life-force now. Soon the Hell Mouth will be permanently opened and my brothers will rise against you and we will take our righteous place on high.”

Unleashing full nutrona streams.

Unleashing full nutrona streams.

“Rich let’s show this Asshole what a couple of Nuclear Accelerators can do.” Bill called to his partner. They unleashed full neutrona blasts at Baccardio to no avail. He laughed. Then he looked Bill in the eye. Bill caught a glimpse of what was behind the glowing red eyes. It was unmistakable. That son of a bitch. That was the connection. Shark River Hills, NJ & Sickman’s Mill, PA and His Uncle Ron. His Uncle was Baccardio!

“Cease fire!” cried Bill.

Rich stopped firing. Baccardio laughed manically then floated to the top floor of the Mill and ducked inside a window.

“Bill, what’s wrong?” asked Rich.

“Now it’s personal. We need to find a new idea. the usual bag of tricks will not work. Baccardio is human.”


After spending the last 2 hours feeling their way through the maze Will, Andy, and Kevin finally find a way out. As they pass through a black curtain, their eyes adjusted to the light, Beta Team sees a small 3 foot in diameter fiery electric rift in to the etheric plane. It looks like a larger version of a Eye-of-the Storm electric device, except no protective glass between you and the orb of energy. The pulsing motion of the rift is almost soothing and somewhat hypnotic if it weren’t for the realization of what it was.

Kevin, still if awe of the sight mutters, “We have to close this thing!”

Andy quips, “No shit Sherlock!” Andy turns to Will, “Hey Einstein any ideas?”

“Uh…well…we could cross the streams, that usually does it.” replied Will.

Kevin snaps out of the daze caused by the rift. “I don’t know if we should attempt it. It is a risky maneuver. But on the other hand it may be the only way to stop it.” The three of them turn their attention away from the glowing orb and start running data through Will’s handy Texas Instruments calculator.

Andy turned around to scope the room for anything that might be used to stop it.

“Damn, they don’t make it easy do they?” Will and Kevin turned around to see what Andy was complaining about. Now pouring from the Hell Mouth was 4 dozen Skeleton warriors. The oddly animated bones resembling badly done stop motion animation were holding various weapons from swords to spears and daggers. Behind the undead army filing into the cavernous room was a ghastly helmeted rider mounted on the back of a blood red steed. It was the Horsemen of War.

“Minions, attack!” growled War.

“SHIT!!!” shouted Will, Kev, and Andy in unison.

They began firing at the rushing warriors. The proton streams are only good for holding a ghost not destroying them. Even at a maximum setting the streams are barely creating a enough positive energy to hold back the advancing solidiers.


Back at the Mobile HQ lab, Mike and Kyle are studying microscopes while Egon and Ray pour over test results.

“Raymond, this is interesting.” Egon called over to Dr. Stantz. Ray walks over to Egon’s lab table and looks down at the chart.

“Wow, that is weird. It seems one of the samples is breaking down from a fingerprint.” Ray mused curiously.

Mike throws a confused glance over to Ray and Egon. “So if we touch it it will go away?”

“None of the other samples acted that way. Just the one touched by Pangelina.” Egon replied.

All of a sudden Mike knew how to stop it. He grabbed his duffle bag and called to Kyle. “Grab those Super Soakers and follow me.”

“Uh you mean the Personal Positive Slime Distribution System?” Asked Kyle.

“Yeah, the Super Soakers.”


“Do we just barge in?” Rich asked Bill as they stand before the Mill entrance. “Cause we could probably use some help.”

At that precise moment a car pulls up to the GBI command center. The driver’s door opens and Dale Malinzak, AKA Glycerine, emerges in uniform.

“Bill, You guys need a hand?” Dale shouts as he slams the car door.

>> Baccardio Battle Pt. 2


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