Early October


New HQ Rocks Hamilton

New HQ Rocks Hamilton



Incoming Message From: Dr. William Ketchum, MDGB

Posted: October 21, 2004. Time: 11:28 AM

There he met his first challenge.  The Horsemen of Pestilence.  Bradeon stopped dead and gave an impatient look at Pestilence.    The Lord of Pestilence resembled a victim of The Plague.  His grotesquely rotting face protruded from the armor of a Roman Legionnaire.  His muscular sculpted body armor shimmered in what little light was available.  From his thick brown belt hung a traditional blood red kilt-like skirting.  To one side he held his round Roman shield and high above his head he held a short sword adorned with small devil skull figures.

Ok why is this posted here? Well October 2nd was my birthday but also one of the strangest busts of my career. The description above matches the entity in which I and the MDGB;’s came into contact with…SEE PHOTO BELOW:

The Horsemen of Pestilence

The Horsemen of Pestilence

GBI® Executive Order!

GBI® Executive Order!

>> October 20 & October 22, 2004


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