(This message was originally posted to the GBI messageboard and has been recorded here for posterity.)

Bill Malkin

Bill Malkin, GBNJ

Posted: October 24, 2004 at 8:25 PM

Andy, Glad to see ya made it back to Tennessee man. I was worried when you decided to take the red-eye out of Philly at 3:00 AM this morning. But when you hailed that cab, and forced the driver into the passengers seat and floored it up the winding Lancaster roads we thought that Crown Vic was gonna roll.

But that wasn’t the end of it! Get this everyone: We were loading up the ECTO-NJ and our CB must have been on a frequency close the the PA State Police, cause we all had a good laugh driving back towards the Turnpike listening to the plight of a group of troopers trying to run down a hijacked cabbie! Last we heard they lost the suspect (Dr. Harness) in Center City, Philadelphia.

Suffice to say Dr. Harness I don’t think you should plan any trips to PA anytime soon 😛


(Reposted from the news section of gbnj.com)

"We're back!"

“We’re back!”

10.25.2004- WE’RE BACK! by Bill Malkin:

As most of you already know, October was a rough month for GBNJ. After the Oct. 1st Containment Unit explosion which leveled the new (and very expensive) headquarters, GBNJ was forced into early retirement by some very crafty attorneys (Damien Leeds & Associates). They argued that the explosion was negligence on the part of the GBNJ senior administration (Rich and I), and got a judicial restraining order against us performing services as paranormal investigators and eliminators in New Jersey. We were looking at huge fines, and possible jail time. Rich and I used some influence to make sure that none of the staff other would see jail or fines, only us. After posting bail we went our separate ways leaving some crucial unfinished business (BACCARDIO). I tried to find some work to just take my mind off of my failed business. I launched into some odd jobs (substitute teaching and state work, mostly). Rich sold the old JZGB/GBNJ: North firehouse to some land developers to pay his portion of the $5,000,000.00 fine, and spent most of the time at GBI HQ in NYC working at his other job as GBI Executive Officer. As for other staff members: Pangelina returned to the college scene to further her education, Dave started his own video production firm called Purple Rhino Productions, and Rob is on the waiting list to become a field agent for FBI. Most of the other staff left for their own endeavors and I have still had no success in locating them.

In some ways Rich never let go. He continued to update the only remaining piece of the site, the BACCARDIO Files, and tried to form a coalition of GBI members to fight BACCARDIO if he chooses to attack by Halloween, all the while trying reverse the judicial restraining order (and get me to come back.) I was a bit unreceptive and continued to feel the depression as I meandered from dead end job to dead end job. But then BACCARDIO reared his ugly head and Rich convinced me that I was the only one to lead this team to victory, so I returned. Mind you that we were still unofficial because of the restraining order, but we figured saving the world was far more important then getting paid (besides Sickman’s Mill is in PA). Rich and I tried to gather as much help as possible. I got Dave, Pangelina, Rob, and Kyle K. to return, and Rich convinced Will and Jess of the Maryland GB’s to make the long trek up here.

The full report of the showdown against BACCARDIO can be found HERE, but to sum up we launched a surprise attack a week early and we were able to stop BACCARDIO from opening a HELL MOUTH at Sickman’s Mill. Did we destroy BACCARDIO? That much remains to be seen, but we did put a major crimp is his Halloween plans.

Speaking of Halloween plans. After the events above. Rich and I were contacted by Chiller Theater to be special guests on Halloween. Of course we accepted. Pictures are coming soon. We will use the event to celebrate our return to business as the NJ Superior Court Judge (with forceful argument from GBI’s own Louis Tully, esq.) sided with GBNJ that we were not responsible for the ECU explosion and the judicial restraining order was lifted.


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