Excerpt Conversation



Rich – “From our continuing research it does appear it points to something big on the horizon. We even had some calls where it seemed like we’d put the “overtime” on the case and the spectral entities were practically ready to jump into the traps. What the heck!?”


Kevin – “Bill, I am no occult expert but I do know quite a bit about end of the world prophesy. the words 6th seal and four horsemen jumped out at me. The terms come from the last book of the bible: Revelations. The end of the world occurs through three stages the last are the bowls the second the trumpets and the first.. you guessed it the seals. The first four seals are known as the four horseman. The fifth represents a time preparing for the sixth.
here is some information on the sixth seal I found on the internet
6. The great earthquake (Revelation 6:12-17)

The first four seals described judgments largely inflicted by man; the sixth seal describes a judgment clearly supernatural in origin. John tells of an earthquake so massive that “every mountain and island was moved out of its place.” Probably he also has in mind enormous volcanic activity, for he says “the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became like blood.” Particulate matter scattered in the atmosphere after a volcanic eruption has often turned the sky black and made the moon seem to turn red; recall the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens in Washington State or the gigantic explosion of Krakatau on August 27, 1883. John also foresaw meteorites crashing into the earth (verse 13) and what may be huge mushroom clouds of undetermined origin (verse 14). 

From what I can tell these judgments aren’t supposed to happen yet as there is much prophesized to happen before these occur that hasn’t happened. However if this BACCARDIO has decided to accelerate these events he might be trying to fabricate the judgments. I don’t believe the true end of the world is coming as prophesized however, if this spirit is trying to draw power to mimic the great earthquake and lead the four horsemen then we have a problem that could daunt the entire globe. I wish I could help more with defeating him, but at least now you know what could happen if by some remote chance you fail.

You know I just thought of something. is your ECU directly overtop of any fault line or geological feature. The sudden burst of PKE into a fault could cause an earthquake of biblical proportions especially if multiple ECU’s blew at once. Perhaps (this is a long shot) the other franchises should check the locations of their ECU’s.”


Rich – “We understand what you’re saying to put it in the simplest of terms. We definitely think franchises along the east coast, should be doing more PKE checks and monitoring their ECUs 2x more at least then they do now.”


Bill – “Kevin, Thanks for the info man. I do remember some of that, but the earthquake/ECU link stood out to me. NJ (Trenton) is on a major fault line. It has been stable for centuries, but every once in a while a tremor slips out. In fact a year or so ago one was strong enough to cause property damage in a small community northeast of Trenton. I guess it’s time to call Dr. Stantz and find out what kind of protection our new ECU has against that sort of thing.”


Kevin –“No problem Bill. As I was reading my first thought was that the reason so many of your recent cases have been surrendering is that they are loading the gun so to speak. we all know how bad the first ECU explosion was. Now imagine if all that energy instead of going up, shot directly down into the fault line. I’m no seismologist, but I think that could cause a pretty damn big earthquake. The only problem is how would BACCARDIO try to shut down the grid.”


Rich – “Oh crap, I never knew this. There is enough metal, glass, and other modern materials to blow like a geyser if we get a series of tremors, spiritual or otherwise. Whatever we do, we better do it ASAP when the time comes.”



baccardio8b>> July 24, 2004



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