October 23, 2004

Saturday, October 23, 2004 at 5:43 PM

In the garage of the GBI Head Quarters, The coalition is working on prepping the equipment and loading up the Ectomobiles. Bill and Rich are in the brand new retro-fitted Winnebago Mobile HQ downloading the latest GBI Sat-net intel, when Andy Harness steps in.

“Bill, what time is this Baccardio thing gonna be over, ya think?”

Bill looks up at Andy quizzically, “Why gotta hot date?”

“No it’s just that to get a good deal on airfare I had to buy a round trip ticket and the return flight leaves Philly for Nashville at 3am and ya know I don’t wanna have to pay the cancellation fee, then find new tickets and at the last minute it’ll be like 1,200 bucks so….well you know?”

“Actually I have no clue, It’s hard to judge how a meta-specter of that class will react to our typical entrapment technologies.”

“Oh alright then.” and with that Andy Harness walks off thinking of how he’s gonna pull this flight off.

Bill shuts down the laptop and secures it to the desk. Then he and Rich walk out of the RV and toward the 1953 Packard Henney Ambulance that GBNJ has used as it’s primary Ectomobile since day one. Bill starts the car and revs the Dodge Viper V-10. Rich straps himself into the front passenger seat and keys the mic on the CB.

“Ladies and Gentlemen this is your co-pilot speaking. We are about to take off for Lancaster County Pennsylvania’s Amish International Airport. ETA is approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes. Please make sure all proton packs are in the upright and locked position. We expect a great deal of psychic turbulence…”

Bill politely takes the mic from Rich, “Let’s get the hell outta here.”

GBI® Mobile Command

GBI® Mobile Command

The garage door rolls open and the convoy of Ectomobiles pulls out. Bill is in the lead driving the aforementioned Packard Ambulance, next is the onyx-green PT Cruiser of GBNJ driven by Bill’s sister Stephanie, then the white Ford Expedition police package of the Maryland Ghostbusters, which was followed by the Mobile Containment Unit (a modified 1989 Ford Econoline Ambulance), and bringing up the rear was the Mobile HQ.

Saturday, October 23, 2004 at 8:45 PM

The convoy pulls into the parking lot of Sickman’s Mill. There is no sign of the green PKE force-field. The members of the coalition are unloading the equipment.

“Bill, do ya have your keys?” Dave Mallozzi called from the rear of the ECTO-NJ

“Ha ha, you’re a funny guy.” Bill reponded, after quickly making sure the keys were attached to his belt.

Winston Zeddemore and Ray Stantz approach Bill and Rich.

“So what’s up with this force-field thing. Is it up or down?” Winston asked.

Bill & Rich

Bill & Rich

Rich shrugs and looks to Bill. “I certainly don’t see anything, but with the electronic draining vortex around here We can’t radio the stealth team. For now I’m gonna assume they found a way to neutralize it.”

About to play rough.

About to play rough.

Ray looks over the mill then turns to Bill. “Spengler and I will be running some data through the GBI Information Network to see if we can find a way to dispose of Baccardio.” a wiry smile plays across Ray’s face, “Oh and Bill, no tubing rides in the creek.”

The coalition forms outside of the Mobile HQ. Bill Malkin address the crowd.

Bill addressing the coalition.

Bill addressing the coalition.

“Guys this is the moment that we have all been waiting for. We take the fight to Baccardio. Dr. Stantz and Spengler will be at HQ monitoring radio transmissions. Hopefully by now you all have hooked up the celluar receivers to our…uh…belt thingies. Dr. Venkman, my sister, and Amanda will be heading out to alert the local authorities and get some needed ground support. Winston and Dave will be blocking off traffic , and trying to get a more advantageous vantage point, and provide cover fire for our teams. Will, you’ll be leading team ‘Beta’ with Andy and Kevin. You guys will be tackling the trail and the old mine shaft behind the mill. Kyle, You’ll be on team ‘Alpha’ with Rich and I. We will be going into the mill. Let’s be careful out there, no causalities, got it? Any questions?

Dr. Venkman raises his hand. “Yeah Bill, first; very impressive speech. Second; Do ya have your keys?”

As Bill and Rich develop a plan of attack. Dr. Kyle Peterson runs up to them. “Hey guys, I might not have a degree in parapsych, but if you can get a slime sample I can probably unlock it’s molecular composition and hell I might even be able to come up with a counter plan.”

Bill turns to Dr. Peterson, “Kyle, Mike already tried, I don…”

Rich slaps Bill’s arm. “I think what Bill is trying to say is, that we’d love to have a fresh set of eyes on that front.”

Kyle grabs his pack and the three of them head off for the mill.

Evil lurks beyond the castle.

What evil lurks inside?

Beta team crosses over a small bridge over looking the entrance to the mine. Stairs seem to be on the other side but not accessible from where they are. The continue further down the trail lined with torches and discover something that should not be there. A small 11 foot high castle. The castle doors are wide open and they could hear a woman screaming from within. With out thinking twice Andy unhooked his positron collider and ran into the castle. Will and Kevin looked at each other and shrugged. Then they as well dashed into the dark castle.

Once inside, they realize that this was no ordinary castle. From inside the grand foyer lined with human skulls and instruments of torture there was only one hallway. Judging by the echoes of the footsteps on the far side of the hall they quickly see they just walked into a trap. They turn around to leave and the massive oak doors swing closed under there own power and and the torches seemingly extinguished themselves. Now Beta team was completely enveloped in darkness save the pulsating blue and red light from their proton packs.



Bill, Rich, and Kyle walk toward the rear entrance of the mill. As they turn the corner they are confronted by a crowd of at least one hundred people. Alpha team is at a loss for words. They glance between the crowd and each other’s confused faces. Thinking they might have stumbled into some army of possessed Baccardio worshippers they cautiously walk toward the crowd.

“Hey you boys gonna pay!?!” comes a screeching female voice from inside a rectangular enclosure. A petite young woman emerges from the box and runs over to them. She looks them over and notices the No Ghost logos on their arms. “Oh, you must be here for the evil wizard.”

Rich nods approvingly.

“Well come right this way, he’s been expecting you.” the short woman begins to push through the crowd. The people see the approaching crew.

“Hey look it’s the Ghostbusters!” someone yells from the back of the crowd. The three Ghostbusters, now realizing that this is just a crowd gathered to watch, begin to wave and work the crowd.

Bill hollers at the top of his lungs, “Who ya gonna call?”

The crowd replies by chanting, “Ghostbusters! Ghostbusters! Ghostbusters!”

Rich takes a cue from Bill and yells to the audience, “Ladies and gentlemen, the heart of GHOSTBUSTERS- New Jersey, Bill Malkin!” Rich grabs Bill’s hand and waves it to the silent crowd.

Rich leans into Bill, “That was hardly the response I expected.”

“Rich, we’re in the middle of Amish country, these people could care less about Ghostbusters from New Jersey, hell most of these people have probably never even been to New Jersey.”

They stop right in front of the stairs to a five foot high deck. The woman turns to leave, then quickly spins around to face the 3 ghostbusters. “I just have to tell you that those are some really good costumes! They’re uncanny, really!” She points to Kyle, “You’re…oh what’s his name…uh Spendangleman or something.”

Just then a loud explosion is heard on the stage. The boys run up the stairs and are confronted by a stifling amount of smoke. Then the voice. Deep and raspy.

“SILENCE MORTALS! The voice resonating from all around them.

Bill, Rich, and Kyle pull and switch on their respective particle throwers.

As the smoke settles a 300 pound man in standing there wearing a midnight blue robe and matching pointed hat both with gold stars and crescent moons sewn onto them. The massive man lumbers forward and extends his hands toward the guys.

Bill steps forward, “We’re gonna do more then disrupt you plans, Baccardio, We’re here to send you back to Hell!”

“Hahahah!” laughs the wizard. “Give it your best shot.”

Kyle in 'bustin action.

Kyle in ‘bustin action.

Bill nods toward rich then to Kyle, “On 3, 1…2…wait for it.” Except Kyle didn’t wait. The ion stream fired at the head of the wizard. The fat wizard ducked as the stream went wide and struck a stack of hat bales setting them ablaze.

“Holy shit!” shouted the sweaty fat man, “You guys are the real Ghostbusters!?! I thought you just had those Rubies Halloween costumes with the inflatable back packs!”

Rich looks around, “Well then where the hell is Baccardio?”

The fat man looks at the guys incredulously, “Eeew! Orange rum, you guys drink that Baccardi-O shit?”

>> Baccardio Battle Pt. 1


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