Ecto-Containment Unit


The Containment Unit is a type of doorway where ghosts are released from the ghost traps and allowed to live in one of the spirit worlds. How do Ghostbusters NJ personnel empty the traps safely? A handle is pulled on the deposit drawer, opening a slightly smaller draw. The trap can then be inserted.

Actually what’s going inside is the trap cartridge, the part of the trap where the ghost is. When the trap is pulled back the trap cartridge fits snug inside the containment draw. A storage bin to the side holds the part of the trap with the handle. After the trap cartridge is inside, Ghostbusters NJ personnel press the buttons next to the deposit draw. This will automatically close the drawer, sending the trap cartridge to one of the spirit worlds. During the trip, the trap opens, releasing the ghosts. Where they’re free to roam the spirit world. The Containment Unit will then pull back the trap cartridge, sending it back to Ghostbusters NJ.

With the ghosts safely inside The Containment Unit, Ghostbusters NJ can also look into a monitor like device where they can check in on the ghosts, watching them and studying them.

GBNJ has been testing Ghostbusters International® new “prefab” Protection Grid. A trained GBI® technician installs an already built laser grid which we then enclose behind cinderblock. A custom designed entrance portal and monitoring devices are mounted to the wall. The “prefab” ECU uses a trap bay which lowers from underneth the exterior of the system.


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