Fleet Vehicles

Ghostbusters NJ is sparing no expense as we’re maxing out our Ghostbusters gold card on a fleet of ectomobiles. This way we’re always on the cutting edge of GHOSTBUSTERS technology.

And look really cool while on a job. Not to mention all that free advertising that pays off. Wait, has it paid off?



Let’s face it, a massive 1970’s ambulance is more than we need for most jobs, that is where the Ecto-1M comes in.

She’s modeled after the original Ecto-1 & Ecto-1A, but on a modern platform with a touch of the futuristic.

“Zuul” is a ghost catching machine.  This Dodge Magnum is equipped with the latest in paranormal catch and detaining technology. She also has a first ever on-board mood slime charger that can turn negative ectoplasm into positive slime to help fight the evils on the other-side attempting to enter our plane.

NJ-ECTO-2V AKA “Elwood”   

“Its got a cop motor, Ford’s 4.6 V-8 plant, its got cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks. Its a model made before Ford switched to electronic throttle.  Is it the new Ectomobile or what?” -Greg. “Fix the cigarette lighter.” -Bill

The NJ-ECTO-2V is a 2003 Ford Police Interceptor. This land yacht comfortably fits 4 Ghostbusters and the trunk has more than enough room for all the necessary ghosbusting accouterments. “Elwood” is a support vehicle to augment our primary Ectomobile the NJ-ECTO-1M, but Bill has taken a shine to it’s rough-around-the-edges appearance and uses it as his primary weapon is his war on the etheric plane.

Want to learn more about the ECTO-2V?   CLICK HERE


The ECTO-JP spent it’s life as a security vehicle before Jordan stole…uh… liberated it from the theme park he used to work for.  She is outfitted with all the latest Ecto-location gear and enough caution tape to make sure everyone on the road knows to give this beast a wide berth.  With Jeep’s legendary off road capabilities, this makes the perfect platform for chasing down the Jersey Devil in his natural habitat, the Pine Barrens.


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