Hell Comes To New Jersey

case4-00From: GBNJ Archives

Recorded on: October 1, 2009. Time: 2:30 PM EST

Source: Moe Velez, Bill Malkin, & Rob Wurm

Name: Onion Head, and then Cyclops Unicorn, oh then there was this Crazy Devil looking thing.

Further Information:  We got a call saying some weird shit was going down in the Pine Barrens, like dogs and cats living together, real end or the world type stuff, but really when isn’t there Hell about to spew forth from the Pine Barrens?  Any way…long story short, we fought hordes of ghosts and sealed a rift to the ghost world.  standard day really.


Moses Velez: Strongest man in the world.


Just your typical Class 5 Full Roaming Vapor.


“Get back here you meat eater!”


How do you close a portal to the bowels of Hell?


Shoot it, of course!


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