Monster-Mania Con: Saturday, March 14, 2015

Written By: Richard Roy, Master Of GBNJ Interwebs

After a pretty busy day and night of investigations and eliminations on Friday, March 13, 2015 we received a call from the Cherry Hill Crowne Plaza Hotel. Apparently monsters had descended upon there hotel for a Monster-Mania convention. Other calls were coming from hotel guests about unexplainable phenomena within the hotel’s hallways.

GBNJ personnel Greg McHugh, Andrew Gant, Tom Gebhardt, and young Venkman headed to Edge City to see what was exactly going on. As we already knew the con was in full force. ‘Monsters’ in this case was more about the ‘force’ fans exert from their favorite TV shows and movies.

What GBNJ personnel wasn’t expecting was a ‘shockwave’ of occult like energy (its technical) that opened an inter dimensional rift allowing an ancient Sumerian god and a 16th Century medieval tyrant and sorcerer to appear. As the con is horror themed in nature people were very unassuming. Fortunately Ghostbusters NJ had arrived just in time to quietly and not so discreetly hang around until order could be restored from chaos.

As the guys were at the Crowne Plaza Hotel anyway they stopped to meet and greet with ghostheads at every turn. Some were even more famous then us. As the ‘job’ was being completed, the group was interviewed by Geeks & Ghosts. (Facebook)

Forward to 17:50 for GBNJ interview.

Ghostbusters NJ Personnel And Our Big Pay Days

vigozergbnj gbnjvigoyoungvenk gbnjwithgozer

“You’re A Big Star Now.” – Actual Customer Testimonial

gbnjrobertpatrick gbnjudgereinhold gbnjchristophermcdonald gbnjrobertmukes

Ghostbusters NJ Personnel With Fans

gbnjgozspidey2 gbnjgozyeomanrand gbnjgozcoldstone

Experimental Gear


Gozer The Gozarian, A Traveller In Her Own Right

gozerpose2 gozerpose gozerthendie

Vigo & Gozer, FaceSpace Friends


‘Bustin Makes Us Receive Hotel Stock Options

Geeks & Ghosts

gandgbnj2 gandgbnj gandgbnj3


Additional Credits


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