ECTO-2V System Overview

The ECTO-2V’s primary function is for rapid deployment to the scene of any paranormal disturbance. As such, the vehicle is designed with all of the latest ecto-location equipment GBNJ can afford.

GRAPHICS: The ECTO-2V incorporates much of the high visibility graphics from the original ECTO-1A, but with a New Jersey twist. On the front quarter panel is the GBNJ slogan “Got a ghost? What Exit?”, and the rear sports our web address. Also on the front door you will find “supervisor”, indicating this vehicle is primarily used by the shift supervisor on duty.

LIGHTBAR: Whelen Edge 9000 in the same color combination as the one found on the ECTO-1A.

ROOF RACK: The roof rack contains all of the above referenced ecto-location gear. Due to the smaller foot print, there is not much room for anything else beyond. Lets take a look at the individual components.

SONOBUOY: Enclosed in this custom protective container is a miniaturized US Navy Sonobuoy. Originally developed by Doctors Stantz and Spengler to replace the ghostsniffer on the ECTO-1A. The one found on the ECTO-2V has been further customized by Bill to fit into a much smaller container. It still can detect negatively charged spectral particles in the high rage frequencies of 300 – 900 MHz. The sonar has a benefit of real-time 360 degree paranormal detection. It’s kinda like a fish finder for ghosts.

RADOME: Nestled at the highest point on the ECTO-2V’s rack is the modified Marine Radome Antenna. It’s primary function is as a PKE detection array. The Radome was first developed by Dr. Stantz to sweep for spectral particles and measure PKE levels with a fine-tuned high-resolution repeating signal.

ELECTRO-MAGNETIC DISCHARGE DETECTOR: Located on the front of the roof rack the EMDD is a device developed by Bill in the days preceding GBNJ’s creation. The device is based on the theory that ghosts require electro-magnetic fields (EMF) to manifest. Many things generate EMF, but only ghosts feed on them. The EMDD filters out background EMF and locks onto discharged electro-magnetic radiation.

CROSS-SECTION SENSITIVITY UNIT: This device filters the data received by the Sonobuoy, Radome, and EMDD and cross-references it with base-line PKE readings downloaded in real-time from the Ghostbusters Inc’s satellite network. It then eliminates false positive readings maximizing accuracy when pinpointing the location of paranormal entities.

Also seen in this photo is the roof rack’s access hatch.

NUCLEAR POWER CELL: Inside the yellow box sits a core of pure Selenium. The isotope SE-82 may be radioactive, but has the benefit of concentrating paranormal activity. Which makes it a great spiritual attractant. Basically we made a mobile spook central.

FREON GAS CYLINDER: Located on the driver’s side of the roof rack and directly below the nuclear power cell. This system acts as a fail-safe in case of nuclear meltdown. the grey pump box monitors the temperature of the Selenium core and if meltdown is detected it will pump Freon into the power cell negating the ensuing atomic explosion.

STORAGE TUBE: It stores stuff. do we really need to explain this?