Saturday, March 28, 2015


GBNJ Fleet

ectofjcruiseratexpo9 ecto3atexpo9

ectolegacyatexpo9 jeffecto1atexpo9

gbnjectofleet gbnjectofleet2

Mobile Command Center

inflatablestaypuftwethink gbnjtees

gbexpo9mobilecommandcenter gbexpo9mobilecommandcenter2 gbexpo9mobilecommandcenter3

gbexpo9mobilecommandcenter4 gbexpo9mobilecommandcenter5 gbexpo9mobilecommandcenter6 gbexpo9mobilecommandcenter7 gbexpo9mobilecommandcenter8 gbexpo9mobilecommandcenter10 gbexpo9mobilecommandcenter11 gbexpo9mobilecommandcenter12 gbexpo9mobilecommandcenter13 gbexpo9mobilecommandcenter14

gbexpo9mobilecommandcenter15 gbexpo9mobilecommandcenter16 gbexpo9mobilecommandcenter17 gbexpo9mobilecommandcenter18 gbexpo9mobilecommandcenter19 gbexpo9mobilecommandcenter20 gbexpo9mobilecommandcenter21 gbexpo9mobilecommandcenter22 tablewillbreakthefall

Trystyn’s Art

Ghosthead, junior elimination specialist, and talented artist Trystyn drew these Ghostbusters pieces for us. We were proud to display his art throughout the weekend. He was proud to wear one of our kid Proton Packs throughout Saturday. 🙂

trystangbnjart trystangbnjart2

Zombie Panel

Around 9ish Ghostbusters NJ and our friends from Mystic Realms were part of a panel and a surprise to pretty much everyone else ‘zombie bust.’ Before we got to the horde we checked out the Zombie Cage, honored Sifu Cliff with his own Ghostbusters uniform and Nutrino Wand.


zombiecage zombiecagebride

 zombiecagecook zombiecagenerdude

billtellingzombiestostickit zombiebustinaction

 zombiebustinaction2 gbnjzombiechop

gbnjexpopress gbnjexpopress2 richjuniorelimzombietrain richtomjuniorelimzombietrain richtomjuniorelimzombietrain2

 richjuniorelimzombietrain2 ronaldjuniorelimzombiebust

NYC Junior Elimination Specialist

juniorelimclortho greenjacketjunioelomspec greenjacketjunioelomspecpack

GBNJ Vs Zombie Horde Videos

GBNJ, NYC Ghostbusters, Junior Elimination Specialists, Peter Mosen

maxwells petermosengbnj

expo9juniorelimgb billonamic gbnjaboutodealwithasit

 sifucliffgb  petermosengbnj2 expo9juniorelimgb2

expo9case8 expo9case3

 ronaldjody staypuftrealms

ronaldgetsmedievel hillaryprotonpack hillaryprotonpack2

 hillaryprotonpack3 tomgbnjtee


Jeffe’s ECTO-1

During the afternoon Jeffe and Sara arrived in a 1960 ECTO-1. Click on The Car for photos and videos!


End Of Day 2 For Some


Awards Dinner

When the sun went down on the second day of Expo 9, it was time for a formal awards dinner. When you’re not exactly invited (Tom Gebhardt and Peter Mosen were) and you can’t drive home as you rode down in ECTO-3, what’s a guy to do? Attend anyway wearing a bad a$$ leather jacket and your Ghostbusters uniform. Thanks Sifu Cliff!

Click on the banquet hall photo for more photos and a video!



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