Greg McHugh, President


During a rough call in September, 2013 Greg assisted Bill and Rich with a particularly nasty Class 5, and impressed them enough to be hired on the spot. Greg brought with him a ton of preexisting Ghostbusting knowledge and network of contacts throughout Camden County, where he acted as a field agent.

After a forced reorganization, Greg became the new president of GBNJ, and has immediately turned his attention to undoing years of questionable decisions made by the former administration. Greg’s is intent on making GBNJ a professional, efficient as well as an all inclusive organization.

Greg also is a WWII buff and one day hopes to build a proton tank…unfortunately our insurance company says that would be a nightmare, but don’t they always?

Personal Quote:

“I don’t want to be sitting back eating Twinkies while a Giant Slor takes over our beloved Garden State.”


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