Andrew Gant, Ectoplasm Distribution Specialist

Andrew was a former insurance agent assigned to observe Ghostbusters NJ. During a routine bust he helped out and caught the bug and immediately quit his high paying job in the insurance industry (well higher than we pay) and joined. Since then Andrew has really taken an interest in psychomagnotheric theory. So we paid to send him to GBI for positive ectoplasm distribution training. (Mainly so we can make him carry the slime blower, man that thing is heavy!)


3 thoughts on “Andrew Gant, Ectoplasm Distribution Specialist

  1. Hey! Can I please join you guys it really would be a dream come true! My name is Steven Rudko . If you could mail me anything I wanna be official! Please please please and thank you!!!

    • Steve,
      My name is Greg McHugh, I am the new President of the group. Sorry it has been 6 months since you posted, I only recently got access to the web page. send me a personal email to and we can talk membership. Again sorry it took so long to get back to you, I’m still learning this website.

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