End Of The World Prevention

“The superintendent is gonna be pissed!”

End Of The World Prevention Service

Not for the average fiscal citizen. The Ghostbusters have a long and storied history in saving the world from supernatural disasters. Unfortunately some government contracts aren’t honored and properly compensated. This service is for ancient Mesopotamian demi-gods, devils, (of the Jersey kind) possessed paintings with delusions of world domination, and 100 foot food mascots.

We’ll utilize every tool we spent a lot of money acquiring and some we may build specifically for the job. This service is designed for use by the Federal Government, State of New Jersey, and any of its political sub-divisions. If you find yourself in need of this service please contact your nearest New Jersey Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission Agent.


Prices will vary on whether we save your building, your city, township, or the world. Price will include a deposit of $15,000 for bail* as unfortunately we do have a tendency of being arrested while pursuing inter-dimensional entities.

*If we aren’t arrested during the case, your bail deposit can be refunded.


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