Richard Roy, Retired

Rich Roy, District 1 Coordinator

Rich was the former Franchise Manager of Jersey’s first Ghostbusters franchise, the JerZey Ghostbusters. GBNJ and the JZGB’s began working so closely together that GBI’s CFO, Louis Tully advised for financial reasons to merge franchises during 2004.

in June of 2017, Rich retired from GBNJ and moved to…North Carolina?  Really?  If Rich had brain one in the HUGE melon on top of his neck, he’d be living the sweet life out in Southern California’s beautiful San Fernando valley.

Personal Quotes:

“When something is a thing around here, we should begin to worry.”



2 thoughts on “Richard Roy, Retired

  1. I want tone work for you.I have tried calling(phone number is bad)
    Tried to email (email address was bad)😔 . ..what’s up???

    Please email me or text me *removed cell number*

    Thank you in advance ,

  2. Hello Billie. I’m seeing your posts for the first time today. My name is Richard, coincidentally or not you posted on my “personnel” page. I’m not sure if you realize the number is made up. Or you’re kinda playing along with what I call realism. The email address is ghostbustersnj at gmail dot com. It isn’t linked as an email address to try to avoid spam bots and spam emails. Email isn’t checked every day.

    By working, if its in the realism and to have fun, check if you haven’t our Contact page. That has information in joining Ghostbusters NJ. We don’t really have a franchise application.

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