The Car


Jeffe Rodriguez owns a 1960 Cadillac Ambulance, which he’s personally restoring for full ghost chasing abilities. Maybe for car shows. Definitely for charities. On Saturday, March 28, (a cold, windy day) Jeffe and Sara drove from Delaware at 70+ MPH with no heat. That’s dedication. Or something else from the smell of fuel.

jeffecto1frontpass jeffecto1frontdrive

jeffecto1reardriveside jeffecto1rear

Advanced Ecto Building 411

When you own a classic Caddy you could live in, (Tom wants to know what that’s like) and can’t talk to Stephen Dane (GB Inc) about building an ECTO-1 you do the next best thing, speak with Peter Mosen.

petermosenjeffecto1 petermosenjeffecto1a petermosenjeffecto1b

petermosenjeffecto1c petermosenjeffecto1d

Authorized Personnel Only

richwithjeffecto1 richwithjeffecto1a richinsidebackjeffecto1 tomjeffecto1tech tomjeffecto1tech2 tomjeffecto1license tomreadytorunsomeredlights gbnjeffecto1readytoroll billrichrocksinjeffecto1 richlookingatparaequipjeffecto1 hillarysittinginjeffecto1 tompreparingtoleave2

 ECTO-1 Videos

Mac The Cat



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