Galactic Con: Saturday, March 21, 2015


Delaware Ghostbusters Report By Jeffe Rodriguez

Saturday March 21st started with what sounded to be a routine call, a one man Scan type of call. I spent the morning trying to get a Class VI Mud monster who decided to make me late for Galacticon. After 4 hours of playing in the mud ECTO-1 made it out to Middletown Galacticon to meet up with Sara Tjaden, (DEGB) John Hollyday, (DEGB) and Greg McHugh. (GBNJ)

Sara instructed at the table and scouted some possible new customers. John, Greg and I took our time to scan and inspect every family member who waited in line to enter the Con. We saw some creepy looking creators and their parents. lol But all in all scan came out clean, the day was beautiful as was ECTO-1. We got to meet a lot of new friends in Delaware! “Of all places.” – Rich j/k

Can’t wait for the next call!

ECTO Delaware

ectodelawaresiderear ectodelawarefront


Mobile HQ

dagbsmobilehq dagbsmobilehq2 dagbsmobilehq3

Ghostbusters Stars

danjgbstarwarsecto2 danjgbstarwarsecto dagbstarwars

Ghostbusters Are Awesome


 The Kids Love Us

danjgbskidgbshirt dakidgbshirtecto1 danjgbskidspkes danjgbsjuniorelimspecto2

Delaware Online wrote about Galactic Con a lot more then we ever would.


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