Jersey Shore Comic Book Show: Sunday, March 15, 2015


Written By Richard Roy, District 1 Coordinator

As we didn’t wreck an established Elks Lodge last November, Ghostbusters NJ was invited back. Not only that we had multiple tables to set up our mobile HQ. Which doubles nicely for display, educational, promotional uses, and more!

Mobile HQ

gbnjdisplay gbnjtable gbnjtable2 gbnjtable3 gbnjtable4 gbnjtable5 gbnjtable6 gbnjtable7 gbnjtable8 gbnjtable9 gbnjtable10 gbnjtable11 gbnjtable12 gbnjtable13 gbnjtable14 gbnjtable15 gbnjtable16 gbnjtable17 gbnjtable18 gbnjtable19 gbnjtableslimerectogoggles gbnjtablecu gbnjcomicscrunch

Ghostbusters NJ Personnel

janinewithbill richandrewbusta richpitchman richgbnjtablecu tomandrewgreg mikechristopher christopherg janinewithmike

Licensed Ghostbusters Equipment

gbnjtrapsgoggles agbnjpacktrapsboogieman gbnjorigkidspacktee gbnjorigkidspacktraps gbnjslimeblowdisplay gbnjorigkidspacktraps gbnjorigkidspacktee agbnjpacktrapsboogieman gbnjtrapsgoggles


  janniemelnitz2 janniemelnitz3 janniemelnitz4


Janine recorded an idea or two we had, Janine’s Journal. Its her insight into what its like to be the Ghostbusters receptionist.

Entry 1

Entry 2

Case Close: Stay-Puft Manifestation

The call Janine took was actual con attendees who reported seeing a manifestation of a certain corporate mascot walking around, get this inside! It wasn’t long before Ghostbusters NJ was making dessert for everybody.

This may be evidence that could be used against us in court.

Case Close: Press (Or Publicity?) Photos

gbnjstayfluffbust gbnjstayfluffbust2 gbnjstayfluffbust3 gbnjstayfluffbust4 gbnjstayfluffbust5 gbnjstayfluffbust6 gbnjstayfluffbust7 gbnjstayfluffbust8 gbnjstayfluffbust9 gbnjstayfluffbust10 gbnjstayfluffbust11 gbnjstayfluffbust12

Fans Of Ghostbusters NJ

gbnjlegendoflink youngvenkmanwithlink vaderchristopherg

If you have photos of Ghostbusters NJ personnel either with you or from Jersey Shore Comic Book please let us know and/or share through at our Facebook page.

Ectomobile Fleet

After saving District 2 from a Stay-Puft Manifestation we met photographer Buster Lee. (Facebook) Where he took well professional photos of Ghostbusters NJ and our fleet of Ectomobiles. We’ll get to that a little later, (or scroll down if you’re that impatient) before we put the overtime in for a paranormal emergency we took our own Ecto pics.

ectolegacyspotted rondrivingectolegacy tomdrivingecto3 linkectofjcruise gbnjstaypuftectolegacy gbnjstaypuftectolegacy2 gbnjstaypuftectolegacy3 gbnjectofjcruise gbnjectofjcruise2

Butch Lee Productions

Butch Lee, (Facebook) way more professional then Ghostbusters NJ.

bleeandrewgant bleegbnj bleegbnj2 bleegbnj3 bleegbnjectoleg bleegbnjectoleg2 bleegbnjecto3 bleegbnjecto3a bleegbnjecto3b bleegbnjreadytobelieveyou

Geeks Against! Interview

Scott Barnes who coincidentally (or not) lives in District 2 has a site (Facebook) and interwebs show called Geeks Against! (YouTube) As a fellow Jersey ghosthead Scott interviewed Bill and I. We’re sorry for the inaudible parts due to Class II poltergiests.




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