The Uninvited Guest

robbillphantasmFrom: GBNJ Archive

Recorded on: Nov. 27, 2006 Time: 8:48 pm EST

Source: Rob Wurm, Elimination Specialist

Name: The Uninvited House Guest

Further Information:  There has been a rash of disturbances at local Laundromats, where Underpants Gnomes have been reportedly stealing clothes of attractive female models, forcing them to leave naked.   Unfortunately I was assigned a domestic haunting.    When I arrived Bill was already on the scene.  The above spook entered the premises about 3 weeks ago, When the homeowners son brought the entity home as a pet.  The ghost seemed like a benevolent presence, he cooked and cleaned for the family, but then began to become possessive of the house.  When the spook started barricading doors and tossing the family’s possessions on the front lawn, they called us.  Bill and I easily tracked it to the backyard, where we instituted standard “zap-n-trap” procedures.


“Quiet! You smell something?” -Rob


“What’s behind door number 1?” -Rob


“Bill, He went this way.” -Rob “Why must they always go outside, when it’s like 40 below?”


From the Venkman School Of One Liners: “We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!” -Rob


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