Written By: Greg McHugh, District 3 Coordinator

Case File 4701

  • Location: Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel, Route 70


When: Saturday, March 14, 2015

Customer reports heightened paranormal activity due for Friday the 13th.
The hotel is a notorious hot bed for paranormal activity causing multiple mass disturbances per year.

This happened approximately 1 year after Ghostbusters New Jersey reunited after a hiatus.

Multiple Ghosts, Goblins, Ghouls, zombies, and monsters were running rampant through the hotel.
Two “gods” were also able to cross over in the hotel.

Crew: Andrew Gant, Tom Gebhardt, Young Venkman, Greg McHugh

They Expect Results

Friday, March 13, 2015 a massive P.K.E surge at the Crowne Plaza Hotel caused a disturbance of biblical proportions.  The Hotel has a dark past causing two massive disturbances per year, a summer one and a winter one. Knowing the size of the hotel’s disturbances, employees from all GBNJ districts were contacted once the District 3 HQ monitoring equipment went into alarm.


Saturday, March 14, 2015

District 3 responded with Andrew Gant and Greg McHugh, District 5 was able to respond with Young Venkman, and District 1 responded with Tom Gebhardt. The 4 Ghostbusters arrived early Saturday morning to begin busting their way through the hotel.  The team started from the 12th floor of the hotel and worked their way down. They encountered a few low level (1-3) Animators, Free-Roamers, and Full-Torso specters **see Tobin’s Spirit Guide** on the upper levels of the building. As they worked their way down through the different floors, the closer they got to level one, they encountered more and higher level (4-9) apparitions.

Once they made it to the first floor they could not move more than a few feet before having to stop and trap more ghosts. On the first floor many hotel customers were attacked by possessors. Luckily Andrew brought a slime blower to make the possessor elimination easier and safer. As things began to mellow out, an old friend of the Ghostbusters, Vigo, **1989 NYC Art Museum** made a guest appearance. While roaming around the hotel lobby, Vigo was able to open a cross Dimensional portal to also allow Gozer the Gozarian to cross back over into our world. “Yes, you read that right.” – Rich


The 4 man team of Ghostbusters found themselves up against, Multiple mid to high level possessors, Full Torso Vaporous Apparitions, Swarmwers, and Free roamers **see Tobin’s Spirit Guide** as well as two Demi-Gods, Vigo (1989 NYC Art Museum) and Gozer (1984 Central Park West NYC).


With the maximum amount of Traps allowed by P.C.O.C. on one bust, the proper application of positively charged slime, and minimal crossed streams, The Ghostbusters of New Jersey once again were able to prevent a Four-Fold-Cross-Rip from occurring in Cherry Hill, NJ.


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