Greg McHugh, President

Andrew Gant, Ectoplasm Distribution Specialist








Jordan Sypinski, Prehistoric Paranormal Specialist

Adam Botley, Elimination Specialist and Chief Ectomobile Mechanic



Jason Juniewicz, Trapping and Containment Engineer





Troy Krichmar, Research and Development

Martin Ingenbrandt IV, Occult Specialist

Kiran Khan, Investigation Specialist

Office Staff

Jenny Gant, Chief Medical Officer

Rich Roy, Retired

Bill Malkin, Founder

Bill Malkin, Founder


Jeffe Rodriguez, DEGB


One thought on “Personnel

  1. I have always loved the ghost busters movies!!! They have always brought me peace and comfort every time is see them. The movies take me back to when I was a child. my mom did movie nights and played these movies for us. When I’m sad or tire of life’s problems this is the movie I play. my nine year old boy loves them just as much as I do. It’s awesome to see a documentary of fans that share those same feeling I feel. My heart goes out to u guys, it so cool…

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