Amazicon: Saturday, April 18, 2015


The weekend after Tax Day Bill, Tom, and Ron rolled out in ECTO-3 under two hours for fun and most likely a case file at Amazicon, a ‘pop culture collector event.’ While the guys were having fun they got to test their skills (a reason we bring equipment) on taking care of a Class V. Not only did GBNJ earn thousands, the guys earned an actual medal! Since the Clarion Hotel in Essington, Pennsylvania sustained only minor damage and litigation isn’t forthcoming, at least from this event we’ll most likely be invited back.


Ghostbusters park however is deemed necessary.


We’re Ready For Something!

tomecto3amazicon billtomronamaziconecto3 billtomronreadytobelieveamazicon

Around Amazicon

amaziconpackshot rondealertable amaziconpreadtor billceleb

With Fans

ronbillflightguy ronbilltomfanecto3

rontallevilguybill billstaypuftshirtfanrontom

Why Do Class Vs Hang Around Hotels?

What A Pure Knockabout Fun That Was

amaziconclass5bust amaziconinvoice readytobelieveamazicon

We Came, We Saw, We Earned A Medal?



youwantamedal youwantamedal2


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