Yeah, we’re famous.


Places we usually invite ourselves to. If we’re not escorted out by so called security, we may attend said events again.


Magazines, Newspapers, Television coverage of Ghostbusters NJ personnel (mostly Bill) activities.


Usually commercials. Back off, ad dollars are expensive.

Dollar Video

Our smash hit internet movie, based upon our exploits in tracking down the Jersey Devil, but I warn you all is not as it seems.

Sit back, relax and get ready to waste 9 1/2 minutes of your life you will never get back!

Web TV

GBNJ: The Series

You probably won’t regret it. Or you will, we don’t need to know about it.

Social Media

facebookicon googplusicon youtubeicon


Is there a Ghostbusters related event (or could become one) in the Tri-State Area you’d like to talk to us about?

Are you a ghosthead in New Jersey who may be looking to join the men and women of Ghostbusters NJ?

If either is applicable, check out contact page for more information.


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