Want to schedule GBNJ for an event, report a haunting,  or just say hello? email us:


If you’re possibly interested in joining the men and women of GBNJ and preferably live in New Jersey (ya know, that helps) send an email (ghostbustersnj @ gmail dot com) telling us a little about yourself. If you already did, yeah we’ll eventually get back to you. We get busy, we keep the state you live in safe.

Some handy tips if you’re considering joining the team:

  • Safe to assume you enjoy Ghostbusters, maybe a little too much. If you didn’t, why else would you consider wanting to spend quality and valuable time with us?
  • Have a uniform which will be comfortable for you. If you’re new to the group and are in the process of putting it together, depending on availability at an event their may be extras.

Q: How would I put one of those stylish, yet functional uniforms together?

A: Both Richard Roy and Dr. Ray Stantz (yes, the one and only) for starters wrote excellent “how to” articles.

  1. Ghostbusters Uniforms
  2. Suits
  • If you’re into the franchise side of Ghostbusters long term (we understand the investment) build and/or buy Ghostbusters prop replicas. Depending on the route you take, we may be able to help with your builds. If you’re new to the group and are in the process of getting your gear, also depending on availability their may be extra equipment.
  • Attend events. i.e.: charitable, convention, show, other. We understand if you can’t make them all. We’re more then a name and having an on-line presence.
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner at and in between events when it comes to Ghostbusters NJ. One of the things we pride ourselves on is providing a family friendly atmosphere wherever applicable.

10 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Good evening, I have been a ghostbuster fan as long as I can remember and this past Halloween I made the flight suit and it turned out rather well. I was informed there were groups that wear the uniform for charity events and other events as well. I would love to join and volunteer with you all. As a Marine Corps veteran I would love to continue volunteering and this is a great way for me to do so.

    • Afternoon Eugene Hobbs. My name is Rich, webmaster of this fine establishment and District 1 Coordinator. First, a bit cliched, thank you for protecting us. Without men and women like you, we wouldn’t and maybe couldn’t do what we are. Members of my family served from at least WWII to over the last decade. Jeffe, our Delaware District Coordinator who also oversees The Ghostbusters Of Delaware served as well. When he came back to the US, he contacted us. 8)

      We’re also glad to see you’re interested in getting involved with GBNJ. I recently updated the “join requirements” (term used loosely) on this Contact page. If you emailed since commenting I haven’t checked the GBNJ today. We have events coming up throughout November. As events are scheduled they’re usually posted to our FB page (/gotaghost) and I post an events blog on our site.

  2. Hello, I wonder how I would be able to post a car I have for sale on your forum. I have a beautifully built Ghostbusters Replica car called The Ecto 1-B. I would offer it for sale to Ghostbusters Clubs and fans. Please feel free to email me at

    Thank you for your help and have a great day.


    • Hey Len,

      If your replica Ecto is sill for sale I would suggest if you have a Facebook account (if you haven’t already) posting the listing on our Facebook page.

      If your “Ecto-1B” is still for sale, feel free to email us (ghostbustersnj @ gmail dot com) the information with photos. I’ll pass it along beyond our social media extensions.

      Richard Roy
      District 1 Coordinator

  3. Hi New Jersey Ghostbusters my name is Joe I’m from the UK and after shortly see you guys and I documentary I didn’t never realised there are other send people out there who enjoy Ghostbusters as much as I do how do I become a ghost said because I’ve still got everything that I had as a kid from Ghostbusters and I want to do something good after seeing what you guys have done how do I start

    • Hi Joe,
      Nice to hear from a friend in the UK. How to start… That’s is a tricky question. What I did, I went onto, made a profile and began looking for other people in my region who were as into GB as myself. From there we exchanged information planned a meet up and started discussing fan films and local conventions, then we found a few new members and kept growing.

  4. Hey nj ghostbusters! I was wondering if you would trade one of your patches for my departments police patch? I would love to do a trade!

  5. Just finished the documentary. So glad it came out on netflix, I had no idea this existed!. I’m not a ‘ghosthead’ but I sure loved the kids growing up!

    Wanted to take a moment and say I love what you guys do, I love the dedication, the passion, and care given to what you guys are passionate about.

    I also love all the reaction/response you’ve garnered as I read these comments. It makes me so happy to see others who do, and want to do, for others in a positive way.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, you guys rock!

  6. hey guys.
    so I am a huge fan of ghostbusters and I thought I was the only 30 something that wanted a proton pack and a ecto 1. But, as many people have already stated, I just finished ghostheads and I have to say how inspiring it is to see you guys out there making an actual difference in the world. Im happy to be a ghosthead myself and you guys give me pride in being one. I pray that you folks continue to have a great time doing what you do and keep putting smiles on peoples faces. And I was wondering if you could send me a new jersey no ghost patch. I didnt even know that those were a thing. Thanks and keep busting.

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