Jersey Shore Comic Book Show November 16, 2014

On November 16, 2014 Ghostbusters NJ personnel and North Jersey Ghostbusters met up at Central/South Jersey’s premiere comic show, Jersey Shore Comic Book Show. As guests we were given not one, but three tables which we didn’t know about beforehand. Fortunately we had a decent amount of suits, gear, ectoplasm, (they were in jars) The Real Ghostbusters toys, and promotional material with us.

We were well received by the organizers and attendees of all ages. Since we didn’t wreck the town’s Elks Lodge we’ve been invited back for JSCBS upcoming show in March 2015.

We’ve organized photos taken by our franchises and fans to also share on Ghostbusters NJ. If you were at JSCBS and have pictures of us or with you that you’d like to share check out our Contact page to do that. We’d enjoy hearing from you and seeing pics from the show.


ectofjcruisergb2 ectolegacydriveside

 ecto3driveside gbnjnjgbsarriving

Our Tables


jscbsgbtbl jscbsgbtbl2

jscbsgbtbl3 jodyasvigo


njcbs njcbs2

501table 501table2

Hanging Out


billgregvidpackpke tomgebhardtsideback

billreadingpaperwork billgregreadingpaperwork


With Fans (Inside)

richstaypuftomrobin staypuftgbnjgbsmacat

richstaypuftomrobin2 staypuftcomicven

robinholdinghandswithstaypuft gregbillwithfan

With Fans (Outside)

rontomcarolbatkid robinectoleg

macatectoleg macatectoleg2

Janine Melnitz
janinedaydreaming  janineonphonewithbabyoscar

janinesitableongbphone janineectoleg

Costumed Heroes

captamericashieldwonderwomanfig thewintersoldier

startrekgroup rocketracgroothead

darknightharley darknight

Ghostbusters Ectomobiles

gbnjgbectoleg gbnjgbectoleg2

gbnjgbectoleg3 gbnjgbectoleg4

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