GBNJ Vs the Zombie Apocalypse


DATE: March 28th 2015 TIME: 10:13AM EST


Apparently someone thought it’d be good Idea to bring a zombie to a comic convention held at a martial arts center.


GBNJ arrives at the scene and begin to unload our gear, when back up arrives.


It’s GB Inc. Liaison Peter Mosen and GB NYC employee Ronald Maxwell!


Ronald soon discovers the root of the disturbance; Vigo has found a willing Hell-hound and has returned to take over New Jersey!


“Now I, Ron, am Vigo! Be gone you pitiful half-men!”


Fortunately Mr. Peter Mosen has a plan.


Ron/Vigo sends the zombie horde to attack.


“Grab your sticks!”


“Would you hose him please?”


We’re the best, we’re the beautiful, we’re the only Ghostbusters…of New Jersey!


2 thoughts on “GBNJ Vs the Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Where can I sign up to kick some demon butt? Evil can be destroyed if you know how to send them back to Hell where they came from.

    • The Beckster

      If you live preferably in NJ and have what it takes (even if you don’t we usually have more then one uniform and multiple equipment, plus have info to acquire what’s needed) that’s basically it. It does help to meet up at events. October’s and November’s events to be posted,

      Richard Roy, District 1 Coordinator

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