Dover Public Library Comic Con Case File Report

Written By: Jeffe Rodriguez, Delaware District Coordinator

Date: 08/16/2014
Level of weird: 7
Threat level: 8

We received a call from the Delaware Public Library who were about to host there first ever Comic con. Mr. John Hollyday said that a Blue English Police Box had appeared out of thin air in front of the library. Then he and his wife witnessed a Full torso vaporous apparition, that later reminded them of the Old Librarian, fly into this Police Box. Then the crazy started to happen.


We arrived and started to take PKE readings that lead us right to the Blue Box. The readings were off the scale. So I knew from them I had to blast this ghost out of that box. When I started to fire on it I see another stream next to me almost as if there was a 19th Century Ghostbuster standing next to me blasting the same blue box. That is when I realized this box was causing a space time rift. So I Told my new steampunk partner to increase the power output and aim for the light on the top of the box.


We then released this Box from the hold of the Ghost librarian trapped her and powered down. I look over and this Steampunk Ghostbuster tipped his hat to me and said “Good show old man” as he faded back to his time. The Blue police Box then started to make a strange sound and faded away as well. After this PKE reading returned to normal. I started to write up the bill for the Holyday’s to pay.



  • We need to look out for this Blue Box. It could cause a space time rift that may bring around the 3rd coming of Gozer

“Uh, we’re not saying this mysterious blue box will, we would want to be…ya know cautious.” – Rich

  • Find out who this Doctor is!
  • Librarian looked just like what Dr. Stantz mentioned on his first encounter with a well known ghost in New York.

GBNJ The Series: Episode 1 News

GBNJ Films announces the start of The Ghostbusters New Jersey web series.  I figure this is the best time to release this being Comic-Con and all, but the pilot episode for the new web series has been filmed, and our production staff is hard at work editing the episode now.  Keep watching this spot for updates including a release date for episode 1.


Not the kitchen scene.

Starring in order of self importance:
  • Bill Malkin
  • Robert Wurm
  • Greg McHugh
  • Stephanie Malkin
  • And Introducing for the first time: Martin Inglebrandt

Monster Mania Con After Hours

By: Greg McHugh, District 3 Coordinator


Saturday, March 8 The Ghostbusters of NJ had a successful bust (does that sound contradictory?). As you may have previously read, Three various groups of NJ Ghostbusters all came together for a day and night of Ghost-busting fun at Monster-Mania Con 27. We (GBNJ) were called in to Cherry Hill to bust a hotel full of Spooks, Specters, and Ghosts.

With a little help from Winston Zeddemore himself, the day was a success. Afterwards, GBNJ celebrated with a fantastic feast at Zinburger and then parted ways.


After dinner, only 3 Ghostbusters, Jeffe, Chris, and Myself remained at the con and went floor to floor taking PKE readings.  The hotel checked out and was certified clean for the next 5 months.  Their warranty conveniently expires in August, just in time for Monster-Mania Con 28. The investigation only found some Ecto-Plasmic residue on the wall.


Later in the night, the fire alarm went off.  The hotel was evacuated and the local fire company came to the scene.  Shortly after the firefighters arrived, Ecto-4 pulled up outside of the hotel to assist the firefighters with any paranormal activity associated with the evacuation.  The crowed cheered GBNJ and Ecto-4!  After about 10 minutes and a classic Ray Parker, Jr. song, the fire fighters left, Ecto-4 parked for the night and GBNJ continued to hang out at the hotel.

After a hard day of work, GBNJ decided to try to have a little bit of fun and, in our work uniforms, entered the sexiest costume contest.  It was a close competition but GBNJ wasn’t sexy enough for the win.  The night ended at the bar hanging out for a little while longer until Chris and Myself decided to bag it for the night.

Ghostbusters NJ Monster-Mania Con Case

Guys, you didn't tell me you met Freddy prince Jr.

Guys, you didn’t tell me you met Freddy prince Jr.

Written By: Bill Malkin, District 2 Coordinator

On Saturday March 8, 2014 Ghostbusters NJ staff members Bill Malkin, Rich Roy, Greg McHugh, and Jeffe Rodriguez joined forces with our northern neighbors the North Jersey Ghostbusters staff Jody Sumner, Ron Giameo, Carol Jacky, and Kenneth Cunningham to storm Monster-Mania Con in Cherry Hill, NJ. Officially we were there to promote ghostbusting across the Garden State, with guest of honor, Ernie Hudson, (Twitter) who so perfectly played Winston Zeddemore in the movies. Unofficially this was to be the first actual meeting of New Jersey’s 2 Ghostbusters franchises.


The event was amazing. Our motley group of 7 Ghostbusters were celebrities. Barely a minute would pass without a request for pictures with the Ghostbusters. Then the inevitable happened. While waiting for Rich to make the long trek across the Garden State, the manager of the Hotel asked a few of us to check out the reports of disturbances on the ninth floor. The guests were starting to ask questions and the staff were running out of excuses. Greg, Jeffe, Ron and I loaded into the elevator and headed up to nine.

I don’t know if it was the free energy drinks that were given out or growing excitement for spending time with Mr. Hudson, but Greg and Ron jumped the gun and blasted some poor maid just trying to clean the rooms of the various geeks that descended upon Cherry Hill that fateful day. After we put out the fire and gave her some hush money we continued the investigation.


We found the standard class 5 chowing down on some vending machine snacks. I quickly tossed a trap underneath the foul smelling blob. Unfortunately for me that meant I had to cart around a loaded ghostrap for the rest of the day as evidenced by a majority of the pictures floating around the interwebs. Oh well we collected a cool 5k for our troubles, so I won’t complain too much!


In the end we got a group photo with Ernie and made new friends, all-in-all a pretty successful trip.


Webmaster Note: More pictures will be uploaded to our site at my earliest convenience. If you’re that impatient check out many additional pictures at our collective Ghostbusters NJ/New Jersey Ghostbusters Facebook page. – Rich