No Such Thing as Bad Press


The Ghostbusters have had a love/hate relationship with the press, and that is no different with GBNJ.  While reviewing I realized that we never updated everybody on our appearances in the press.  I have fixed that error.

Click on “About” and scroll to the bottom of the page to find an archive of articles featuring GBNJ.  Currently we have an article about GBNJ from and a MTV News article about the BBQ Films Ghostbusters Movie event which features a brief interview with GBNJ founder, Bill Malkin.


Charity Event: Joey’s Little Angels


By: Bill Malkin, New to this whole updating our website thing

GBNJ is pleased to announce we will be helping out with the toy drive for local NJ charity Joey’s Little Angels.  Please stop by and donate a toy if you can, as a special bonus you can take your picture with the one and only Ghostbusters New Jersey!

Joey’s Little Angels Toy Drive

Nottingham Ballroom
Sunday November 27, 10am-1pm
Parade of Heroes (12:30 pm)
200 Mercer Street, Hamilton, NJ 08691
For more information visit their website.

Welcome Aboard: Adam Botley


Written By: Richard Roy, District 1 Coordinator

At Expo Martial Arts Comic Con 9 GBNJ board members made the decision after meeting and working with Adam Botley to hire Adam to not only be an elimination specialist, to be GBNJ’s Director of Ectomobile Operations.

What makes Adam qualified for such a position? He owns a 1971 high top Oldsmobile Ambulance, which he modified into an ECTO-1. If you too have an ECTO-1 similar to what our employers own and live in NJ, we could hire you too. No, of course it wouldn’t be because you own a classic ectomobile. 😀