Barrington, NJ to Host Celebratory Parade to Honor GBNJ!

…well not exactly. Barrington is definitely having a parade and firework display on July 3rd, but apparently it is for something called the…*checks notes*…Fourth of July?!? What the Hell? Ungrateful little yuppie larvae!  Either way come out and see GBNJ and our friends from lower, slower Delaware, the Delaware Ghostbusters and their famous Ectomobile.  Also I hear that there may be a special appearance from everyone’s favorite dinosaur based theme park, hopefully they left the T-rex at home this year.  Parade begins at 6:30pm and fireworks to follow at 9:00pm.  Visit the Barrington, NJ site for more details.


Halloween Safety

Bill, hard at work on the GBNJ Call Center assisting with all of your supernatural needs.

By Bill Malkin, GBNJ Customer Service Supervisor

As we get closer to Halloween I would like to take a moment to discuss Halloween safety.  Here are a few tips to keep you safe while having fun during your many spooky activities:

1 .  Inspect all candy or other treats before you eat them.  Class 5 Full Roaming Vapors like Slimer are gluttonous ghosts drawn to wherever food is in excess.  and trust me there is nothing worse than taking a big bite of your favorite candy…that has been covered in thick ectoplasmic mucus.

2.  Don’t play around with Ouija boards.  Sure the mass produced one you can buy at Target is made with plastics and cardboard, and probably won’t open a portal to the “otherside”, but why risk it.  The last thing you want is to invite demon to possess you during a Halloween party because you thought it would be “fun” to try to summon the spirit of Gram-gram.  Besides the only resolution we have is to hose you down with positively charged mood slime and that will ruin your costume and probably embarrass you in front of your friends.

3.  Stay away from haunted houses.  ya know that house at the end of the street that looks abandoned, and everyone in the neighborhood *knows* is haunted?  Don’t go inside because it will only end in one of two ways.  Either you will be stuck in a personal Hell of supernatural torment as a demigorgan tries to drag you to the “upside-down”, (say his to Barb for us.)  or the house isn’t haunted and you will be arrested for trespassing and be thrown in jail.  Either way it will probably result you being covered in some sort of slime.

Is it a big dinosaur or a little dinosaur?

Around 3:29 pm the Ghostbusters of NJ crew found themselves starving after dealing with a particularly nasty Class IV in Shamong, NJ.  The boys and girls in grey…and dark blue…and khaki headed to Pic-a-lilli Inn for some delicious food. (Best wings in South Jersey, indeed!)  While there we were informed of a legend ghost dinosaurs the roam the Pine Barrens.  Jordan our prehistoic paranormal specialist had to check it out.  After driving the ECTO-JP around for hours and taking pictures with our GBI brand Spirit Camera we did find possible “evidence” of the legend, so take a look at the pictures here for you to make your own conclusions:



If you think your child, friend, or loved one is possessed by the Jersey Devil,  a bad spirits in a painting, unholy hell hounds or any other goblin or poltergeist, stop by the Flemington Elks Lodge.  GBNJ members Bill and Andrew will be on hand to conduct paranormal screenings and decontamination.  (FYI gallons of mood slime may be used in extreme circumstances).