Barrington, NJ to Host Celebratory Parade to Honor GBNJ!

…well not exactly. Barrington is definitely having a parade and firework display on July 3rd, but apparently it is for something called the…*checks notes*…Fourth of July?!? What the Hell? Ungrateful little yuppie larvae!  Either way come out and see GBNJ and our friends from lower, slower Delaware, the Delaware Ghostbusters and their famous Ectomobile.  Also I hear that there may be a special appearance from everyone’s favorite dinosaur based theme park, hopefully they left the T-rex at home this year.  Parade begins at 6:30pm and fireworks to follow at 9:00pm.  Visit the Barrington, NJ site for more details.


In The First State You Call Delaware Ghostbusters


Written By: Richard Roy

Jeffe Rodriguez has done something Ghostbusters NJ pretty much has never done, owned a car to become as close to the screen used ECTO-1 as possible and receive positive press for their franchise, Delaware Ghostbusters.

Pop culture and entertainment writer for Delaware On-line, Ryan Cormier sat down with Jeffe to talk about Ghostbusters, being a Ghostbuster, and naturally his 1960 Cadillac ECTO-1.

It’s such a great movie. They really don’t make them like that anymore,” says Rodriguez, 28, who watched a VHS copy of the film throughout his childhood. “It was the only movie I would watch growing up.

For the complete article, Who ya gonna call, First Staters?

Photo Source: Delaware On-line

Galactic Con: March 21, 2015 Write Up


Written By: Richard Roy, Guy Who Didn’t Drive To Delaware


On Saturday, March 21, 2015 Jeffe Rodriguez, our Delaware District Coordinator, Delaware Ghostbusters, and uh at least one other Ghostbusters NJ staff member attended Galactic Con. Yeah, we get our own page.

Jeffe wrote about the day (which included a Class VI, nice) and Galactic Con. The report is part of our Galactic Con page.

Delaware Online wrote about Galactic Con a lot more then we ever would.

Photo Credit: Galactic Con

Jeffe Rodriguez Joins Ghostbusters New Jersey


Press Release:

Jeffe Rodriguez, a former Field Agent in The First State, Delaware is Ghostbusters New Jersey latest hire as we reorganize and expand operations. Jeffe after serving our country proudly is looking to start a Ghostbusters franchise in Delaware. Instead of just being a field agent in the tiny state, Jeffe brings his invaluable skills and years of experience to Ghostbusters New Jersey.

Although sorta a rookie, we designated Jeffe as our DE District Coordinator. Which basically means he’ll field calls so we can travel less. Somehow we convinced him this will bring new “on the job training” for when he opens his Delaware franchise.

Richard Roy, Ghostbusters New Jersey Webmaster has added Greg’s personnel file to the site.

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