Ghostbusters NJ Day


Written by Tom Gebhardt, GBNJ Public Relations Director

Happy 1 year anniversary to all our Facebook followers! Thank you all for being here, supporting and following. We are all so happy to see so many of you posting our welcome aboard selfies for the certificates we sent out. Along with the many kind words you have shared.

We wouldn’t be here without you and we truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please make the above photo your profile pic for the day in celebration! 🚫👻🚑🎉🎉

Happy 1 year everyone , this years gonna be great! Ghostheads documentary comes out as well as Ghostbusters 2016! And we also have a lot of cool shows and cons we’re guests at too. We hope we get to see many familiar faces as well as new ones.

New episodes of GBNJ the series coming soon too!



GBNJ The Series: Episode 2 News


Written By: Richard Roy, Office Guy

The weekend of February 27, 2015 Ghostbusters NJ friends and family met up at GBNJ HQ to begin filming GBNJ The Series, Episode 2! Filming will continue during March on location with more GBNJ personnel! While we can’t really talk about the episode yet, our fearless chairman Bill Malkin has sent non spoiler photos. Check out the behind the scenes so far! Continue reading

GBNJ 2014 Year In Review


On behalf of Bill, Rob, Greg, Jeffe, and the rest of our group, thanks for supporting Ghostbusters New Jersey during our 10th year as a Ghostbusters “franchise.” There were over 3,000 site visits from 32 different countries. As Larry Page and Sergey Brin invented Google, the only language we need is Ghostbusters.

Happy New Year and we’ll give this place a jingle in 2015! Long before Valentine’s Day 2016. Continue reading

GBNJ The Series: Episode 1 News

GBNJ Films announces the start of The Ghostbusters New Jersey web series.  I figure this is the best time to release this being Comic-Con and all, but the pilot episode for the new web series has been filmed, and our production staff is hard at work editing the episode now.  Keep watching this spot for updates including a release date for episode 1.

Not the kitchen scene.

Starring in order of self importance:
  • Bill Malkin
  • Robert Wurm
  • Greg McHugh
  • Stephanie Malkin
  • And Introducing for the first time: Martin Inglebrandt