Expo Martial Arts Comic Con 9 March 27-29, 2015


Written By: Tom Gebhardt, Public Relations Director

Tomorrow kicks off Expo 9 and wanted to say thank to all of you who are coming, and those who will try, this is a cool con mash up like we have never done before. We have tons of things to get our name out there and most important have a blast! I look forward to seeing all of you and new faces too.

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Ghostbusters Expo 9

Come by GBNJ’s table this weekend and enter our raffle for some really awesome prizes!

  1. Friday: Chance to win a Ghostbusters wall clock or Ghostbusters glass pint set.
  2. Saturday: Chance to win a talking Ray Stantz or Peter Venkman motion statue from Factory Entertainment!
  3. Sunday: Cream of the crop chance to win a Hot Wheels 1:18 model scale replica of the Ghostbusters Ectomobile!!!! And guess what this baby has lights and the Ecto siren!!!

Winners of the raffles for each day will be announced at 3:00 PM at our GBNJ table!

Any proceeds made from raffle will go toward future prize give aways, shirts and free stuff we’ll give out at all our shows!


Galactic Con: March 21, 2015 Write Up


Written By: Richard Roy, Guy Who Didn’t Drive To Delaware


On Saturday, March 21, 2015 Jeffe Rodriguez, our Delaware District Coordinator, Delaware Ghostbusters, and uh at least one other Ghostbusters NJ staff member attended Galactic Con. Yeah, we get our own page.

Jeffe wrote about the day (which included a Class VI, nice) and Galactic Con. The report is part of our Galactic Con page.

Delaware Online wrote about Galactic Con a lot more then we ever would.

Photo Credit: Galactic Con

GBNJ.net Gets A Lot Of Looks


Written By: Richard Roy. That Ghostbuster On The Internet

Its been somewhere in my mind to bring a more current look to the web HQ of Ghostbusters NJ. With ongoing events this month, the timing felt right. It didn’t hurt when updating the site last night their was some negative reinforcement.

What’s new?

  • New design.
  • Somewhat new layout.
  • Spotlight Photos.

Header/Spotlight Photos

Currently I believe their are 8 photos. The randomizer (is that dangerous?) is on. The photos will as the name implies appear at random. Additional photos can be added depending on GBNJ’s events.

What’s To Come?

  • Add a new GBNJ header logo.
  • Add new personnel pages.
  • Ongoing GBNJ media.

Thanks to all 1,034 visitors (so far) this month for visiting and supporting Ghostbusters NJ. It’s more then appreciated.

Janine’s Journal


Written By: Richard Roy Wannabe Director

Prior to last weekend’s comic cons an idea was taking shape. Its because of the creative visions of Richard Roy and Annie. If it wasn’t for her, their couldn’t be a Janine’s Journal. You think the Janine would let us film her a bit on the spot?

What is Janine’s Journal? Can we trademark that? Its her insight into what its like to be the Ghostbusters receptionist. We filmed two entries, the first was recorded using my MacBook. The second video is more of Janine working before GBNJ brings on the funny. Continue reading

Jersey Shore Comic Book Show March 15, 2015 Write Up

Written By: Richard Roy. Giver Of NOW Slimer! Comic Books
As we didn’t wreck an established Elks Lodge last November, Ghostbusters NJ was invited back. Not only that we had multiple tables to set up our mobile HQ. Which doubles nicely for display, educational, promotional uses, and more!

What happened there….that you can talk about?

Continue reading

Monster-Mania Con March 14, 2015 Write Up


Written By: Richard Roy, Master Of GBNJ Interwebs

After a pretty busy day and night of investigations and eliminations on Friday, March 13, 2015 we received a call from the Cherry Hill Crowne Plaza Hotel. Apparently monsters had descended upon there hotel for a Monster-Mania convention. Other calls were coming from hotel guests about unexplainable phenomena within the hotel’s hallways.

GBNJ personnel Greg McHughAndrew GantTom Gebhardt, and young Venkman headed to Edge City to see what was exactly going on. As we already knew the con was in full force. ‘Monsters’ in this case was more about the ‘force’ fans exert from their favorite TV shows and movies.

What GBNJ personnel wasn’t expecting was a ‘shockwave’ of occult like energy (its technical) that opened an inter dimensional rift allowing an ancient Sumerian god and a 16th Century medieval tyrant and sorcerer to appear. As the con is horror themed in nature people were very unassuming. Fortunately Ghostbusters NJ had arrived just in time to quietly and not so discreetly hang around until order could be restored from chaos.

As the guys were at the Crowne Plaza Hotel anyway they stopped to meet and greet with ghostheads at every turn. Some were even more famous then us. As the ‘job’ was being completed, the group was interviewed by Geeks & Ghosts. (Facebook)

Event Photos

Photo Source: CBS Philadelphia