GBNJ (Bad) Advertising Department

Written By Richard Roy, Would Be Commercial Artist

Pretty recently (as in today) we came across through social media (Facebook if you were going to wonder) one of those links to a social media type site, (thanks to Ghostbusters UK colleague Amanda) that featured stock photos meant for advertising…something. The writer felt those 50 ads could never be used. Anyone could see (even cybernetic movie stars) they were basically pointless. One has a description dealing with ghosts cheeseburgers. I thought that might be fun to use. I brought it to Tom Gebhardt‘s attention. If you’ve seen any of  GBNJ’s social media attention, it made sense.

That was basically it until around lunch time. Under the same post, (Ghostbusters UK colleague Alexander) posted a few links to “bizarre stock photos” that come from Vision Advertising‘s web site. They didn’t create them. Now we can’t get sued. Some are certainly worse or cheesy than others. I came across one that I thought might temporarily work for our totally FREE on-line advertising. Continue reading

GBNJ The Series: Episode 2 News


Written By: Richard Roy, Office Guy

The weekend of February 27, 2015 Ghostbusters NJ friends and family met up at GBNJ HQ to begin filming GBNJ The Series, Episode 2! Filming will continue during March on location with more GBNJ personnel! While we can’t really talk about the episode yet, our fearless chairman Bill Malkin has sent non spoiler photos. Check out the behind the scenes so far! Continue reading

Peter Mosen Joins GBNJ For Meet & Greet At Expo 9


Written By: Tom Gebhardt, GBNJ Public Relations Director

Please all give a huge warm welcome to legend Peter Mosen! (IMDB) Peter has built four Ghostbuster vehicles since the release of Ghostbusters. A 1966 Cadillac Ambulance, (ECTO 1 N.Y. license plate) and an actual 1959 Cadillac Ambulance. (Ecto 1 CA. & N.Y. plates) His 1966 Cadillac Ambulance (ECTO 1A CA. plate, vehicle now somewhere in Argentina) was reworked on. Peter’s fourth and present ECTO, a 2000 Chevy Impala (ECTO 1A N.Y. plates).

Three of these have been used to promote the GHOSTBUSTERS™ franchise for Columbia Pictures, a Sony Pictures company for both Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II. Peter Mosen has won awards for over 22 Costume competitions since 1978, including Best Villian in the ReCreation Class for his Klingon Warrior at the 1984 World Sci-Fi Con in Los Angeles. Others include C3PO & R2D2, Cylon & Daggit, Darth Vader and Alien.

On Sept. 30, 1987, The Entertainment Department at Universal Studios Tour awarded Peter the “Rookie Of The Year” status for their Character Strollers.

In Ghostbusters II (1989), Peter appears as the date of the Slimed Restaurant Patron played by Judy Ovitz. Peter was a Ghostbusters superfan who used to do promotional work as a Ghostbuster, complete with his own Ecto-1 replica, for Columbia Pictures and NOW Comics back in the 1980s. He was profiled in The Real Ghostbusters Magazine, Fall 1990 issue.

Peter Mosen is the Godfather of Ghostbusters props!

This is an honor and a privilege to have him at our GBNJ table at Expo Martial Arts Comic Con 9.


Sources: Peter Mosen IMDB

Become A Ghostbuster New Jersey Junior Elimination Specialist At Expo 9


Written By: Tom Gebhardt, GBNJ Public Relations Director

Hey kids! Wanna be a Ghostbuster? Come to Expo Martial Arts Comic Con 9 on March 27-29th! Get hands on training from our awesome GBNJ staff and get fitted into a Proton Pack scaled down in size for children! All the same functions as our Proton Packs only without firing capability to prevent misfires…

Come start your training with us and become an official Ghostbuster New Jersey Junior Elimination Specialist!

Photo Source: Tom Gebhardt

Do you want to win free black slime at Ghostbusters Expo 9?


Written By: Tom Gebhardt, GBNJ Public Relations Director

For every person that comes and grabs someone from our Ghostbusters New Jersey staff, to a zombie they find at Expo Martial Arts Comic Con 9, we’ll bust that zombie and you’ll get a free prize of black slime!

Photo Source: Alternative Matters

Ghostbusters NJ Upcoming Events January To April 2015


Written By Richard Roy, Web Dude

Going into the third day of 2015 we’re adding events GBNJ, North Jersey Ghostbusters, and Ghostbusters NJ members may be attending from January to around April 2015. This post can be updated as events are added or removed. Additional blog posts may be written about individual events. Either way, please check our site and respective social media outlets.

You mean we’re in the future?

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