Jersey Shore Comic Book Show March 15, 2015 Write Up

Written By: Richard Roy. Giver Of NOW Slimer! Comic Books
As we didn’t wreck an established Elks Lodge last November, Ghostbusters NJ was invited back. Not only that we had multiple tables to set up our mobile HQ. Which doubles nicely for display, educational, promotional uses, and more!

What happened there….that you can talk about?

  • Watched an Elks Lodge become a comic book show.
  • Set up Mobile HQ.
  • GBNJ: The Series continued filming episode 2.
  • Met ghostheads young and old.
  • Talked about slime and gave out free comics and activities. Maybe in that order, maybe not.
  • Bill and I participated in an interview with Scott Barnes of Geeks Against!
  • Ran tests on Bill ‘Clortho.’
  • Bugged Janine.
  • Filmed Janine’s Journal with Janine.
  • Young Venkman and I dealt with the beginnings of a Stay-Puft Manifestation.
  • Plenty of photo ops.
  • GBNJ restored order from chaos when we got Stay-Puft Manifestation outside and made dessert.
  • Food run with Tom, resulting in addition public relations.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions.
  • More photo ops with Butch Lee.
  • Break down Mobile HQ, almost leave mood slime there.
  • Talk to children who told me and a little later Tom they were suppose to be twins about that jar of slime.
  • We run a brief test, give calm slime to the kids. Least their hands will be clean. 8)
  • Wrap up, meet comic book artists. Converse about business, fun, and future events.

For a little more elaboration, photos, and videos check out our March 15, 2015 Jersey Shore Comic Book Show event page.

Photo Source: Butch Lee Productions

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