Amazicon April 2015 Wrap Up


Written By: Richard Roy, Knows Who Does My Taxes

The weekend after Tax Day Bill, Tom, and Ron rolled out in ECTO-3 under two hours for fun and most likely a case file at Amazicon, a ‘pop culture collector event.’ While the guys were having fun they got to test their skills (a reason we bring equipment) on taking care of a Class V.

Not only did GBNJ earn thousands, the guys earned an actual medal! Since the Clarion Hotel in Essington, Pennsylvania sustained only minor damage and litigation isn’t forthcoming, at least from this event we’ll most likely be invited back.

GBNJ Amazicon April 2015 Event Page


6 thoughts on “Amazicon April 2015 Wrap Up

    • Where do you live? I ask so I can assist you in finding your nearest Ghostbusters group. If you’re a ghosthead, that’s pretty much how you can be a ‘Ghostbuster.’ If you have a uniform and/or equipment, that helps. It isn’t 100% required. As we can help.

      Please provide some more information so I can be of further assistance.


  1. That’s great, I’m also in the Toms River area. Do you have plans to put a GB uniform together? As you may have seen we have upcoming events we’ll be attending. Including most likely Jersey Shore Comic Book Show this summer, which is held at the Elks Lodge in Toms River.

    *edit* I realized after posting I thought you had contacted us through our form. I also replied to your email. Have a good rest of the day.


    • I would like to join the group , I’m going to have to put my costume together slowly bc of funds, I met a bunch of nice guys at the Toms River Elks, I’m currently a member of the 501st and just a lot on a Star Wars costume so ill have to take it slow, I have a PKE meter and ghost trap this is my emai

      • Sure, financials are understandable. We’re cool generally with the 501st chapter that attends Jersey Shore Comic Book Show. I honestly don’t remember if you and I met there, I was at ‘mobile HQ,’ around the show, in and outside. Yeah we’re a friendly group.

        I emailed you this afternoon with links to the articles I wrote with help putting together a GB uniform. Hopefully they can be helpful.


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