Contact Section Updated


Written By: Richard Roy, Goes By The Book

With our growth in recent years it became necessary to revise how we handle our incoming email. And to offer guidelines on our site to help facilitate ghostheads who are interested in becoming part of GBNJ.

What Changed?

  • Removed standard contact form.
  • Added information on scheduling events.
  • Added “handy guidelines” for ghostheads who are interested in joining GBNJ.
  • Added links to related sites on putting a Ghostbusters uniform together.

Ghostbusters NJ Contact section.

Photo Source: PSD Graphics (Original)

Site Updates: Links & Contact Pages


Written By Richard Roy, District 1 Coordinator/Resident Site Guy

In September 2013 Ghostbusters NJ relaunched our long time website, improving upon what had become before. If web pages could smell brand new, it did. Like the new car analogy I thought of a moment ago GBNJ didn’t have every option. I hadn’t created a Links page. Ghostbusters International (Ghostbusters Incorporated from the 30th Anniversary) and Ecto-Containment did and have plenty of Ghostbusters related links. Continue reading