Site Updates: Links & Contact Pages


Written By Richard Roy, District 1 Coordinator/Resident Site Guy

In September 2013 Ghostbusters NJ relaunched our long time website, improving upon what had become before. If web pages could smell brand new, it did. Like the new car analogy I thought of a moment ago GBNJ didn’t have every option. I hadn’t created a Links page. Ghostbusters International (Ghostbusters Incorporated from the 30th Anniversary) and Ecto-Containment did and have plenty of Ghostbusters related links.


I had pictured a section on GBNJ with franchise links. With the work I had already put into to the new site, working on my personal site, a complete  overhaul to Ecto-Containment in October with GB Inc. to follow in January, I didn’t get to it until a little over a year later.

Now like those other fine Ghostbusters sites Ghostbusters NJ has its own Links page. Organized with official company links, nearby franchises, charities, Ghostbusters News, and more.

If you have a franchise, Ghostbusters site, other you’d like us to link to, let us know and we’ll consider it. As GBNJ continues its growth more sites can be added or removed.

Contact Us

Also new on a cold November night is added information to our Contact page. I added other ways we can all be sociable and a forum thread all Jersey and nearby ghostheads to talk as well.


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