Personnel News: Ghostbusters NJ Hires Janine Melnitz



Yes, you read that right. We hired Janine Melnitz. Not the Janine. You think we could afford her salary? Ghostbusters New Jersey has brought aboard Brianna, Janine Melnitz’s intern. Brianna studies GHOSTBUSTERS #1 employee as she endeavors to become Ghostbusters New Jersey’s official secretary.

Which let’s face it, for us was an easy decision as we don’t really want to answer the phones or see if clients paid us with VISA. Besides we’re usually busy with keeping The Garden State safe from ghosts and what about those trips to Wawa?

We’ve added Brianna aka Janine Melnitz bio to our Personnel section.

Merry Christmas From Ghostbusters NJ!

Written By Richard Roy, Sites Coordinator

GBNJ personnel, Greg McHugh and Andrew Gant, those guys in District 3 filmed our franchise’s latest commercial, airing on cable…access TV. Where they’re not only bringing the holiday cheer, but selling our services to make us more dough. Isn’t that what Christmas business is all about? 😀

Once we worked out the kinks in the wifi cloud, I was able to upload this short Christmas video to our YouTube channel.

We Got One…A New Domain

Richard Roy, Resident Site Guy

For most of Ghostbusters-NJ’s web presence we’ve had an easy to say, spell, and remember web address. It began with a dot com, evolved to a dot info, (because of its original freeness) and became wordy (that’s my fault) as GBNJ was entering its 10 year as a Ghostbusters Incorporated franchise. Which is the same time we moved to better web quarters away from our previous hosting company. Continue reading

Jeffe Rodriguez Joins Ghostbusters New Jersey


Press Release:

Jeffe Rodriguez, a former Field Agent in The First State, Delaware is Ghostbusters New Jersey latest hire as we reorganize and expand operations. Jeffe after serving our country proudly is looking to start a Ghostbusters franchise in Delaware. Instead of just being a field agent in the tiny state, Jeffe brings his invaluable skills and years of experience to Ghostbusters New Jersey.

Although sorta a rookie, we designated Jeffe as our DE District Coordinator. Which basically means he’ll field calls so we can travel less. Somehow we convinced him this will bring new “on the job training” for when he opens his Delaware franchise.

Richard Roy, Ghostbusters New Jersey Webmaster has added Greg’s personnel file to the site.

Ghostbusters New Jersey

So Be Good For Goodness Sakes…


Because somebody’s coming to town! Happy Holidays from the crew of Ghostbusters-NJ. Oh and as a service announcement, due to our holiday schedule we might not be able to get to you until after the new year, so if you have a haunted room just don’t go in there.

Bill Malkin, Chairman, Board of Directors

PS: “Guys, why are those red and green lights flashing in the basement!?” – Rich

GBNJ Site Updates


Last week after a Ghostbusters NJ meeting paperwork and photos were completed for new and revised updates. The next day was Columbus Day and why do any work unless we’re being paid. Plus there was that whole government shut down thing. Which doesn’t affect us much unless we’re saving some form of government and would have to wait for back pay.

During the week I was updating major areas of the site. “What did you do Rich?”

  1. Revised About page.
  2. Revised Personnel pages.
  3. Added pictures for our Services.
  4. Two new Technology pages.
  1. New Equipment pictures
  2. New Video and Leeds Curse graphics.
  3. The above modified hand truck graphic.

Richard Roy

Photo Source: PSD Graphics