We Got One…A New Domain

Richard Roy, Resident Site Guy

For most of Ghostbusters-NJ’s web presence we’ve had an easy to say, spell, and remember web address. It began with a dot com, evolved to a dot info, (because of its original freeness) and became wordy (that’s my fault) as GBNJ was entering its 10 year as a Ghostbusters Incorporated franchise. Which is the same time we moved to better web quarters away from our previous hosting company.


Where we had our sweet and free Word Press sub domain. The intent was always to get a new hopefully short domain name. A year and two months later we finally have.

On the evening Ghostbusters NJ and North Jersey Ghostbusters (Facebook) went to South Jersey’s premiere (and uh only) comic book show Bill Malkin, Chairman of the Board and I set up a new domain name.


While we encourage our clients, colleagues, and ghostheads to update your bookmarks and such, going to our wordpress sub domain will technically direct to gbnj.net for everything Ghostbusters NJ.

If you ever find yourself playing GBNJ Trivia, (it could be a thing) the last time I tried to tell a ghosthead the needlessly wordy Word Press url, it was after she sorta showed us a pic of her dog dressed as a ghostbuster for Halloween.


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