Rich Reviews: Ghostbusters II 25th Anniversary Blu-ray

Written By Richard Roy
Note: I originally wrote these reviews for Ghostbusters Inc.

The new 30th Anniversary Ghostbusters digi-book well looks like a book, contains what and how Ghostbusters and its sequel came together, inserts, Ghostbusters™ 30th Anniversary Blu-ray, and for the first time in any century Ghostbusters II™ 25th Anniversary Blu-ray.


As their has never been a follow up book to Making Ghostbusters I can appreciate “The Story of Ghostbusters II” for the 25th Anniversary. With concept art, ghost model building, and pictures from Ghostbusters II™. Which weren’t all in the theatrical version.


This is the first and most likely the only time Ghostbusters II™ will see the Blu-ray of light. Where then is the respect? Why did someone in authority approve a sideways cut off from the disc Ghostbusters II “victory/peace” sequel logo? You could say the logo is correct when one turns the disc with the title facing to the right. If you’re anything like me, you place your discs in a player with the logo facing upwards depending on the placement of art and/or title.

“It’s technical.”

For the 25th Anniversary Blu-ray part of Vigo’s painting was chosen to load the disc and bring up an all new menu. Would have been cool if the painting turned into the Ghostbusters renaissance painting before bringing up the menu. A ghosthead who goes by the handle ReadyToBelieveYou84 is the menu designer. He created ECTO-1A in front of the museum. Only nitpick as sadly the real ECTO-1A is in need of serious restoration, the license plate area isn’t centered. I doubt any ghosthead blames him. “I blame…” 😀

Thankfully by the time of Ghostbusters II™ their was plenty of reference material. “ReadyTo..” made sure Winston wasn’t left out this time. The Ghostbusters are ready to deal with mood slime, a possessed immigrant, and a 16th Century painting come to life.

With the menu awaiting a selection a full version of Ray Parker Jr.’s “Ghostbusters” plays. When the song ends, it starts to play again if you haven’t made a selection yet. I’m not sure why Sony didn’t use either RUN D.M.C’s “Ghostbusters” or Bobby Brown’s “On Our Own.”

When it comes to the picture quality and sound I don’t usually get hung up on the specs. My Sharp HDTV is kinda a “starter kit” that was once new in April 2009. It’s maximum resolution is 720p. I’m still using the stock speakers that whether its from a TV show, movie, or one of my discs sounds pretty good for what it is. I’m also still using a Sony Blu-ray player from December 2009. Naturally the newer a movie, the better it will look and sound.

If your hardware has the capabilities Ghostbusters II™ 25th edition uses a 1080p MPEG-4 encode (English=4K) release and the sound is DTS-HD.

Special Features

Time Is But A Window: Ghostbusters II™ and Beyond

  • A “roundtable” discussion, well more a conversation/interview near a table with Dan Aykroyd, Ivan Reitman, and entertainment journalist Geoff Boucher. Again I can’t imagine Ernie Hudson wouldn’t have wanted to be part of the discussion. I know I’m not alone in this thought or how I feel, without Harold Ramis there and how he’s talked about, their is a feeling of sadness, which is felt more in the Ghostbusters II™ discussion.

Scene Cemetery

  • Ghostheads have known for 25 years that Ghostbusters II™ has deleted scenes which have never seen a home video release. The 1999 Ghostbusters II™ DVD had no special features. It’s never been understood why Sony waited up to 25 years to include deleted scenes. Some had been seen in NOW comics Ghostbusters II adaptation (Ecto-Containment link) and trading cards from Topps.

Its usually easy to see why scenes, takes, or alternate dialogue don’t make a movie.

  • Dana’s Curse
  • El Gato, The Cat
  • Louis’ Secret
  • Sewer Invitation
  • Peter’s Concern
  • Jack Buys It
  • Driving Miss Liberty


“Dana’s Curse” extended the “First Ave.” scene, wasn’t really necessary. Dana could have easily asked the guys about her possible connection to ghosts back at her apartment. Although what fan wouldn’t have loved Peter referencing Ghostbusters?™


“El Gato, The Cat” from before Peter, Ray, and Egon (and Louis as their lawyer) faced the Hammer was Peter’s reassurance to Dana. Most likely cut for timing.


“Louis’ Secret,” a fan favorite since almost the beginning. We see in Ghostbusters II™ as part of the montage Slimer eating Louis’ lunch, which seems to startle or scare him. What didn’t make the theatrical release are two scenes where Louis tries to catch Slimer inside the Ghostbusters firehouse. The deleted scene that is on the 25th Anniversary Blu-ray shows Louis cautiously looking for Slimer. Before he can come right up to the grown spud Janine comes into the office area. Senses are heightened and Louis triggers a Nutrona Wand, causing a bit of property damage. When talking to Janine about what he’s doing, Louis tells her he’s training and its secret.


In a similar scene, which isn’t on this Blu-ray Louis has hung up drumsticks with a Ghost Trap close by. His attempt to capture Slimer is unsuccessful. Both scenes were probably cut for time and pacing.


“Sewer Invitation” is a scene with alternate dialogue and angles that wasn’t used in the theatrical version. Instead of Ray, Egon, and Winston talking to Peter about going down into the sewers to check on the slime while they’re outside by ECTO-1A, the guys are in Peter’s apartment (well at the door anyway) while Peter and Dana are getting ready for their night.

This scene doesn’t quite convey the urgency of what’s to come in the way the theatrical scene did. At times it felt like it was written for laughs.


“Peter’s Concern” shows the guys in front of a “Jello mold” covered art museum talking with Mayor Lenny, the fire chief, and Jack Hardemeyer interupting (if this scene has been used he wouldn’t have been fired earlier) them. The tone is more serious with Peter’s more “mature attitude.” If this scene had been used instead of the more light hearted “Jello mold” scene, GB2 could have been even less of a comedy.


“Jack Buys It” is an alternate take and a continuation of “Peter’s Concern.” Jack is fired in this scene either way, decides he can handle whatever the slime is as he felt the Ghostbusters put it there somehow anyway. He ends up getting pulled into the “Jello mold.” For some reason his shoes don’t make it, smoking from what Vigo must have done.

With the way the theatrical version ended up, its understandable why neither of these scenes were used. Plus the effect with the shoes (unless incomplete) seemed impractical.


“Driving Miss Liberty” could have been additional footage or alternate footage showing the Ghostbusters “driving” the Statue of Liberty through the water. Their was a funny exchange with directions using a national treasure. While it works for the moments, it was most likely cut for pacing, timing, and the decision to use a similar scene in the theatrical version.

On a related note Dan Aykroyd was in the 1989 movie Driving Miss Daisy. I have a feeling this fact wasn’t lost on whomever came up with the deleted scene titles.

Additional Deleted Scenes Which Weren’t Included

Unfortunately for unknown reasons Sony didn’t include five additional deleted scenes ghostheads were looking forward to seeing.

  • Hanging up the Ghostbusters II sign.
  • Possessed Ray Drives ECTO-1A
  • Sherman Tully, Louis Needs A Ride
  • NYC Thanks The Ghostbusters
  • Janine Melnitz, Trap Wrangler

1. Photos surfaced (GB Inc. link) in May 2014 showing additional scenes that may or may not have been filmed of the original “no ghost” sign being taken down and the new “two fingered” version being put up. In the montage of the theatrical version we see the sign company polishing the new “no ghost” logo sign.

2. After taking pictures of Vigo at the museum, Ray seems a bit distracted. What the Ghostbusters didn’t know is that Vigo has begun to control Ray. His usual good natured self changes as he’s driving ECTO-1A. Ray basically has road rage, driving recklessly. Which doesn’t go unnoticed by the guys. The solution? Winston punches Ray, causing ECTO-1A to crash into a tree.

This scene may not have been filmed as Ernie Hudson when asked about it didn’t remember filming the scene. Part of the driving is in the theatrical montage. The “deleted” scene was included in NOW’s Ghostbusters II™ adaptation. (Ecto-Containment link)

3. When Louis comes to Parkview to release the committed Ghostbusters on News Years Eve because “the whole city is going nuts” after the guys leave Parkview, we see Louis Tully talking to his cousin Sherman Tully, a doctor at Parkview. While they’re talking naturally the Ghostbusters leave. Louis says something about being “the 5th Ghostbuster.” Part of the joke from Sherman is about The Ghostbusters leaving without him.

Without the earlier “Louis’ Secret” scene, in part Louis’ “explanation” may not have made sense. It was most likely cut for time and pacing.

4. After the Ghostbusters save NYC from Vigo, rivers and streets of mood slime, and somehow put Lady Liberty back where she belongs, NYC honors and thanks the Ghostbusters. They even receive a key to the city! During the scene the Ghostbusters and Dana talk about their nationalities and ancestries. With the movie pretty much over, the entire scene wasn’t really necessary. An ariel view of the scene is shown with the end credits.

The “deleted” scene didn’t quite make (Ecto-Containment link) NOW’s Ghostbusters II™ adaptation. (Ecto-Containment link)

5. In the end credits we see the Ghostbusters getting back to the Firehouse. As they’re wearing their dark uniforms, we can assume the scene could have been part of the montage when the guys busted some crystal loving ghosts, which is part of the montage. Janine is handed full smoking, probably stinky traps. She isn’t happy about it, Janine probably knows how to empty them into the containment unit, which we never see.

“On Our Own” Music Video

  • Bobby Brown’s “Ghostbusters” 2 music video.

RUN-D.M.C also made a “Ghostbusters” music video, for whatever reason it isn’t included on the 25th Anniversary Blu-ray.


Ghostbusters II™ teaser and theatrical trailers.

Should You Buy?

Yes, whether its part of a set or as an individual release. It’s Ghostbusters II™ 25th Anniversary and this is its debut to Blu-ray! Ghostbusters II™ hasn’t looked this good in years, maybe it never looked this good. 😉 The deleted scenes also add additional value for ghostheads.


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