GBNJ (Bad) Advertising Department

Written By Richard Roy, Would Be Commercial Artist

Pretty recently (as in today) we came across through social media (Facebook if you were going to wonder) one of those links to a social media type site, (thanks to Ghostbusters UK colleague Amanda) that featured stock photos meant for advertising…something. The writer felt those 50 ads could never be used. Anyone could see (even cybernetic movie stars) they were basically pointless. One has a description dealing with ghosts cheeseburgers. I thought that might be fun to use. I brought it to Tom Gebhardt‘s attention. If you’ve seen any of  GBNJ’s social media attention, it made sense.

That was basically it until around lunch time. Under the same post, (Ghostbusters UK colleague Alexander) posted a few links to “bizarre stock photos” that come from Vision Advertising‘s web site. They didn’t create them. Now we can’t get sued. Some are certainly worse or cheesy than others. I came across one that I thought might temporarily work for our totally FREE on-line advertising.

Bad Advertising

The questionable image features 4 (models I guess who aren’t cut out for the house keeping or food service industries) women who appear to have spent a day shopping at there favorite mall property. Most likely the “mall” is a green screen. For whatever reason whomever put the complete image together heavily blurred the background, which you can sorta tell might not be a mall at all. Shocking! :O

As the girl to the left appears to be talking (why are they all walking arm in arm?) I added a word balloon. The basic point was to let everyone know these air headed shoppers know how who to call (or click) when they have a ghost problem. I wanted to work the web site address in, it wasn’t quite looking right. I added GBNJ logos on the shopping bags.


Bad Advertising Take 2

With Ghostbusters Expo 9 coming up I swapped ‘We call’ for ‘Expo 9.’


Bad Advertising Take 3

If airhead girl can sing a small part of Ghostbusters…


Bad Advertising Take 4

Slight creative license (because their wasn’t already right?) with “And call…” to “And click…”



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