Gets A Lot Of Looks


Written By: Richard Roy. That Ghostbuster On The Internet

Its been somewhere in my mind to bring a more current look to the web HQ of Ghostbusters NJ. With ongoing events this month, the timing felt right. It didn’t hurt when updating the site last night their was some negative reinforcement.

What’s new?

  • New design.
  • Somewhat new layout.
  • Spotlight Photos.

Header/Spotlight Photos

Currently I believe their are 8 photos. The randomizer (is that dangerous?) is on. The photos will as the name implies appear at random. Additional photos can be added depending on GBNJ’s events.

What’s To Come?

  • Add a new GBNJ header logo.
  • Add new personnel pages.
  • Ongoing GBNJ media.

Thanks to all 1,034 visitors (so far) this month for visiting and supporting Ghostbusters NJ. It’s more then appreciated.


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