Thank You Expo 9!


Written By: Tom Gebhardt, Public Relations Director

After finally sleeping a few hours last night I can think clearer now. lol I want to personally thank all of you who came out to my first organized event within an event, really thank you! I’m overwhelmed in awe and happiness you all came out! Thank you for supporting and helping. Because without any of you this would not and could not have been possible.

New Jersey this weekend had 6 total Ectomobiles ! Our Facebook received over 250 page likes alone this weekend! This again is all because of you! The dynamic group all of you create when we are out as a group! 🙂 I can’t express the amount of gratitude I feel for you all who came, again thank you!

To everyone that came out this weekend in support of not only GBNJ, but this wonderful convention thank you! Really a heart felt thank you! To all the vendors, artists, cosplay, guests, families, children, familiar and new faces thank you for all you do in being part of this. I would like to personally thank a few people.

Sifu Cliff, for inviting our group and all you did for us, your a gentleman and a scholar. 🙂 We hope you enjoy your very own Ghostbusters flight suit uniform and your particle thrower (We gave Sifu Cliff certified training. – Rich) we presented to you!

Stacey Meyer, a woman who’s enthusiasm for what she does is unique and a pleasure to have met. It was a pleasure meeting you, getting aquatinted and thank you for all the photo ops, sharing interest in our group, and coming out to be part of this wonderful event! We hope to see you soon at the next event!

Anton Kukal thank you! It was a pleasure to have collaborated our two groups into forming the first ever Ghostbusters zombie mash up! The improv was epic, you and your group are amazing, and deserve all the credit into making Saturday a blast!

And lastly to save the best for last Peter Mosen! Words cannot express the gratitude, honor, and respect I have toward you as well as our group. I cannot thank you enough for coming out to be with us. Rich and I had a wonderful time with you at the dinner award ceremony, getting to know you personally, the stories I will never forget that were both Ghostbusters related and not.

I hold a high respect for you and all you have done coming out, sharing your history and knowledge, painting an even bigger picture to the Ghostbusters franchise. Your creativity and skills are unmatched and unique. I hope one day with the knowledge you shared and showed, I can use to sharpen my skills. I hope one day I can get to work on a project with you. Again it was a honor and a pleasure to be in your presence. Sharing something I’ll remember always! It’s slime time!


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