GBNJ Ghostheads Media Coverage


Written By: Richard Roy, Better Late Than Never

As mentioned in the previous post in part because of supporting and being involved with Ghostheads, GBNJ and GBNJ members have been receiving press from news and cultural sites. Those links will be added to the site, they’ll also be included in this blog post after a Ghostheads trailer.


From Tom Gebhardt

Great article and I’m honored to be featured but those who know me, know it’s my fantastic group as a whole makes what we do and accomplish so great. Unfortunately the article didn’t spotlight the many names that are my friends and awesome ghostheads such as founding member Bill MalkinRichard RoyAndrew GantGreg McHugh, Ronald J Giameo Jr, and many more that can be found at and our Facebook page.
My friends and awesome busters!

  1. ‘Ghostheads’ Doc To Spotlight Unique Subculture
  2. Geekscape: Crowdfund This: ‘Ghostheads’
  3. Courier-Post: ‘Ghostbusters’ Fandom Center Of Upcoming Doc

Photos Source: Ghostheads


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