We’re Here to Save NJ…Again!

Ladies and Gentlemen we here at Ghostbusters New Jersey are pleased to announce the release of the first episode of season 2 of our award winning* film series.  You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…you’ll kiss ten minutes goodbye.


*4 time winner of “Best Movie Ever” as voted by my mom.


No Such Thing as Bad Press


The Ghostbusters have had a love/hate relationship with the press, and that is no different with GBNJ.  While reviewing gbnj.net I realized that we never updated everybody on our appearances in the press.  I have fixed that error.

Click on “About” and scroll to the bottom of the page to find an archive of articles featuring GBNJ.  Currently we have an article about GBNJ from Philly.com and a MTV News article about the BBQ Films Ghostbusters Movie event which features a brief interview with GBNJ founder, Bill Malkin.

GBNJ Ghostheads Media Coverage


Written By: Richard Roy, Better Late Than Never

As mentioned in the previous post in part because of supporting and being involved with Ghostheads, GBNJ and GBNJ members have been receiving press from news and cultural sites. Those links will be added to the site, they’ll also be included in this blog post after a Ghostheads trailer.

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New Case Files Declassified


Written By Richard Roy, Organizer Of Case Files

If you’ve watched Ghostbusters NJ: The Series Episode 2 you’ve gotten a glimpse of what our case files (at least the printed kind) look like. That didn’t set well with state government. Until we re-organized (we did, didn’t we?) we weren’t allowed to publicly release (declassify) newer GBNJ case files.

I’m not exactly sure we still aren’t tied up in red tape. That didn’t stop Greg McHugh, District 3 Coordinator from writing two new case files and myself from publishing them. Continue reading

Ghostbusters Expo 9 Media Posted


Written By Richard Roy, Add Media Guy

While you were probably enjoying your Saturday or maybe sleeping in today I was hard at work (oh, only after a week off and another two days 😀 ) creating Expo 9 pages, editing/uploading 170 + pictures, (and way less videos) and writing a brief write up from March 27-29, 2015.

I may still write a more lengthy personal blog post from my experiences at Ghostbusters Expo 9. Either way, we invite you to experience or re-experience Jersey’s singular and unique martial arts and comic con!

Expo 9 Navigation

Photo Source: Roderick Paulus

Case File Added: GBNJ Vs the Zombie Apocalypse


Written By: Richard Roy, Delayer Of De-Classified Files

Around the time of a much deserved vacation Bill wrote and authorized a case file to be added to our Cases section. I didn’t have enough time then to work with it. While some of the others are off in PA, (probably getting us involved in another lawsuit) I was finally able to put one of our biggest case files from March 2015 up. Continue reading