GBNJanuary Site Updates


Written By: Richard Roy, Better Late Than Never

Over the last week I’ve been updating “this fine slice of the internets”* to organize the dot net (could be a thing, maybe not) and add some new content. What’s changed?

  • Added Pennsylvania District to About page.
  • Added Renee to Personnel section.
  • Created Renee‘s perspective profiles.
  • Wrote a profile for Young Venkman.
  • Updated “to be added” personnel profiles with “bullet points.”

  • Organized and updated Fleet Vehicles section to have pages for “Ectomobiles” and “ERVs.”
  • Updated Ghostheads (Doc) page for support and mirror financial goals were met.
  • Reorganized/updated Links section.
  • Changed the sidebar layout and footer.
  • Added a containment unit of sorts (Go Bust Or Go To HQ) gallery to the sidebar.
  1. With bullet points in profiles they may be temporary until or if a bio is written.
  2. Links may be added or removed without notice or fanfare.
  3. Sidebar gallery showcases our GB “villains.”

*Copyright Bill Malkin

Photo Source: Creative Source India (Original)


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