GBNJ Fleet Vehicles


Written By: Richard Roy, District 1 Coordinator

GBNJ has always had more then one vehicle, in recent years the only one that could even match the equipment of the infamous ECTO-1 is Bill’s ECTO-FJ Cruiser. Which is why when we launched the latest version of we only had a page for our franchise’s ectomobile. In the months and year + since as we’ve met, become friends with, and hired more personnel we’ve been able to expand our operations, not just in the number of people, with an increase of vehicles as well.

I created a new Fleet Vehicles page to reflect this area of GBNJ’s growth. More classics may be on the way.

Ecto-Containment Matty Collector Ghost Trap Review


Written By: Richard Roy. Original Review:

In early 2012 I bought a Matty Collector Ghost Trap from a seller within Jersey. I took un-boxing photos almost immediately, didn’t do much with them. The intent was to upload them to Ecto-Containment and around that time write a review. Whatever the reason prior to “Superstorm” (right) Sandy I sat on them.

The first week of November two years later I finally decided to work with those original pictures and add them to Ecto-Containment. The review still needed to be written. With my sense of humor I made it seem like we’d see that in 2016. Before the review I realized I needed more detailed pictures. I took a new series of photos, uploaded on November 9 and on November 10 wrote a review of my Matty Collector Ghost Trap, which has been published to Ecto-Containment.

The only prop toy I haven’t reviewed is their P.K.E Meter. I could see covering it by the end of 2014, I’ll see how that goes.

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Jeffe Rodriguez Joins Ghostbusters New Jersey


Press Release:

Jeffe Rodriguez, a former Field Agent in The First State, Delaware is Ghostbusters New Jersey latest hire as we reorganize and expand operations. Jeffe after serving our country proudly is looking to start a Ghostbusters franchise in Delaware. Instead of just being a field agent in the tiny state, Jeffe brings his invaluable skills and years of experience to Ghostbusters New Jersey.

Although sorta a rookie, we designated Jeffe as our DE District Coordinator. Which basically means he’ll field calls so we can travel less. Somehow we convinced him this will bring new “on the job training” for when he opens his Delaware franchise.

Richard Roy, Ghostbusters New Jersey Webmaster has added Greg’s personnel file to the site.

Ghostbusters New Jersey

Possessive Proton Pack


For some reason (um could be the fact that we have a storage facility full of ghosts?) during what should have been a routine meeting between District Coordinators Bill’s proton pack was standing/leaning back on a table without any inanimate or humanly support. P.K.E readings confirmed what we had suspected, that this proton pack had become possessed.

Other standard equipment showed the entity “hanging out.” Fortunately not in a classified, even more sensitive area. As we weren’t going to fire confinement streams at a nuclear accelerator inside GBNJ HQ, we came up with a plan that lead us to safely trapping this rouge wraith.

Richard Roy, District 1 Coordinator

Greg McHugh Joins Ghostbusters New Jersey

Greg McHugh wasn't arrested yet.

Greg McHugh hasn’t been arrested yet.

Press Release:

Greg McHugh, a former Field Agent of Camden County is the first new Ghostbusters New Jersey hire as we reorganize and expand operations. Greg has been working with the guys since he heard about a call where GBNJ didn’t mind a little extra help.

Greg’s “go get her Ray” attitude and skills in the field make him an asset to Ghostbusters New Jersey.

Richard Roy, Ghostbusters New Jersey Webmaster has added Greg’s personnel file to the site.

Ghostbusters New Jersey